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Closed Loop System

Extraction method/equipment that recaptures the solvent gas released for reuse.


UK – Closed Loop System
US – Closed Loop System


Carbon Dioxide.  A colourless, odourless gas which is used in the Extraction process of some Concentrates.  CO2 extraction is regarded as one of the cleanest and purest methods and is commonly used by American concentrate manufacturers for the Medical market.

UK – CO2
US – CO2

Cold Water Extraction (CWE)

An Extraction process by which one substance is extracted from another by exploiting the differences in solubility of the substances that make up the mixture.  CWE is the method by which Bubble Bags produce Ice Hash, by extracting resin and trichomes from plant matter.

UK – Cold Water Extraction, CWE
US – Cold Water Extraction, CWE


Any Extract from plant matter.  Essential oils, wax, tinctures, oil, Budder, Shatter.

UK – Concentrate, Oil, Shatter, Budder, Hash, Bubble, Dab, Honey
US – Concentrate, Oil, Shatter, Budder, Hash, Bubble, Dab, Honey, Errl


Extract or Concentrate derived from fresh plant material using a Solvent.  Budder.  Whipped BHO

UK – Concrete, Budder, Wax, Whipped BHO
US – Concrete, Budder, Wax, Whipped BHO


A bell-shaped glass bong attachment used for smoking concentrates.  Usually fitted with a skillet or plate for dabbing.  See also Bell, Slide

UK – Bell, Curve, Headpiece, Adapter
US – Bell, Curve, Headpiece, Adapter

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