Day 3 of our Smoking Slang Dictionary brings us a BIG one, the Letter B! Let’s get started…


A small plastic bag, usually with a snap-lock top. Baggies are also available in larger sizes with smell-proof seals for storing herbs for longer periods of time.

UK – Bag, Baggie
US – Bag, Sack, Baggie


A simple type of one-hitter pipe.  Bats are typically slim and cylindrical with some made to resemble regular cigarettes for stealth purposes.  Bats are also often sold with accompanying Dug Out containers for storing tobacco or herbs.

UK – Bat, One Hitter
US – Bat, One-Hitter, Onie


A water pipe or bong with a flared base which increases water capacity and the overall stability of the piece.

UK – Beaker, Beaker Bong

US – Beaker, Beaker Bong, Flask


A bell-shaped glass bong attachment used for smoking concentrates.  Usually fitted with a skillet or plate for dabbing.  See also Curve, Slide

UK – Bell, Curve, Headpiece, Adapter
US – Bell, Curve, Headpiece, Adapter

Belly Button

Type of concentrate rig attachment in which a dome-like structure with a hole on its side is placed next to a nail rather than over it, eliminating the need to remove and replace a dome while dabbing.

UK – Belly Button
US – Belly Button


A traditional Cannabis-infused milk drink which is particularly popular in the Indian subcontinent.  Buds and leaves are ground into a paste using a pestle and mortar.  Milk, ghee and spices are added to make the drink which has a thick, smoothie-like consistency.

UK – Bhang
US – Bhang


A Hit from a Bong or Waterpipe.

UK – Hit, Toke
US – Hit, Toke, Binger


Blanks are hollow paper tubes with attached filters for making your own cigarettes.  The blanks or blank tubes are filled with your chosen smoking blend using a filling machine or cigarette shooter.

UK – Blanks, Cigarette Tubes
US – Blanks, Cigarette Tubes


Open column butane extraction.  The process of shooting Butane or another Solvent (Isopropyl alcohol, Naphtha) through plant matter in order to produce a Concentrate or Extract.

UK – Blasting, Firing
US – Blasting, Firing


A thin sheet of tobacco leaf used to wrap herbs or flavoured tobacco into a cigar shape for smoking.  Blunts can also be made by hollowing out cigars or cigarillos and replacing the contents with herbs or other smoking blends.  Blunts and blunt wraps are available in a variety of sizes and are often flavoured to enhance the taste.


UK – Blunt, Blunt wrap, Dutchie
US – Blunt, Blunt wrap, L, El-P, Dutchie


To hog or smoke more than one’s fair share of a Joint or Bong, or to simply hold onto a joint longer than your companions find acceptable.  Derived from the surname of actor, Humphrey Bogart who habitually kept a cigarette dangling in the corner of his mouth, sometimes without ever actually smoking on it.
“Hey, man!  Don’t Bogart that spliff.  Pass it over here!”

UK – Bogart, Hog
US – Bogart, Hog


A pipe used for smoking tobacco or herbs which uses water as a filter for the smoke.  Bongs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes including straight tubes, beakers, bubbled bongs, multi-chamber bongs and many, many more.  Bongs are most commonly made from glass – usually borosilicate glass – but can also be made from wood, bamboo, ceramic, metal and acrylic materials.

UK – Waterpipe, Water Pipe, Bong, Tube, Piece
US – Bong, Tube, Piece
Others – Billy (Australia & New Zealand), Moof, Bing


A torch tube.  A water pipe or dab rig which has an integrated blowtorch for heating the Nail or Skillet.

UK – Torch Tube, Borch
US – Borch, Torch Tube

Borosilicate Glass

Borosilicate glass is a specially formulated type of glass that is exceptionally resistant to thermal stress and shock.  Silica and Boric Acid are used in the manufacture of borosilicate glass to give the glass its heat resistance and durability.  Borosilicate glass is commonly used to make glass bongs, pipes and other smoking accessories, as its physical characteristics – higher melting point, shatter-resistance, and low thermal expansion make it ideal for this purpose.  Borosilicate is also used for everyday items and is often sold under brand names like Pyrex, Schott-Duran or Endural.

UK – Borosilicate glass, Pyrex, Boro
US – Boro, Borosilicate glass, Pyrex, Schott, Duran, Endural


The (usually detachable) herb chamber for loading herbs or tobacco into a bong, pipe or bubbler.

UK – Bowl, Nut
US – Slide, Bowl

Bubble Bags

A brand of specially designed nylon bags used for producing Ice Hash using the Cold Water Extraction method.  Bubble Bags were made famous by Bubbleman who has become a celebrity in his own right owing to the popularity of his bags and the associated Extraction method.

UK – Bubble Bags, Bubblebags
US – Bubble Bags, Bubblebags

Bubble Hash

A concentrated form of plant extract produced using the Cold Water Extraction method.  The primary use for Bubble Bags.  Bubble takes its name from the fact that it bubbles when smoked.  See Ice Hash.

UK – Bubble Hash, Ice Hash, Ice-o-lator, Bubble Melt Hash, Bubble
US – Bubble Hash, Ice Hash, Ice-o-lator, Bubble Melt Hash, Bubble
Others – Hashish, Hash, Bubble


A smaller, hand-held water pipe similar to a bong.  Bubblers usually have fixed bowls and stems as opposed to regular ground joints, although some high-end models are equipped with advanced removable percolators, diffusers and bowls and are suitable for use with tobacco, dry herbs or wax and oils.

Bubblers are available in a variety of styles including Sherlock, Hammer and Sidecar.  Bubblers are commonly made from borosilicate glass and can feature elaborate decoration and embellishment.

UK – Bubbler, Water pipe
US – Bubbler, Piece, Water pipe

Bud Raping

The practice of cutting and smoking Buds from immature plants that have yet to finish Flowering.  As the name suggests, Bud Raping is not considered best-practice and is typically carried out by desperate, inexperienced growers.

UK – Bud Raping
US – Bud-Raping, Bud Raping


A plant-based extract that has been whipped and aerated during production so it assumes a creamy, butter-like consistency.  See Earwax, Wax and Miyagi

UK – Budder, Wax, Earwax
US – Budder, Wax, Earwax, Miyagi


A flammable, liquid gas used to power Torches and cigarette lighters.  High purity Butane is also the most commonly used Solvent in the production of BHO.

UK – Butane, Gas, Lighter Fuel, Lighter Fluid
US – Butane, Tane,

Butane Hash Oil (BHO)

A concentrated form of plant extract produced by using Butane or other Solvents (Naphtha, Isopropyl Alcohol) to extract potent active ingredients from raw plant matter.  BHO is usually sticky and viscous in nature and is often smoked in Vape Pens or with Dab Rigs or concentrate Bubblers.

UK – BHO, Oil, Wax, Shatter, Budder, Dab, Honey
US – BHO, Errl, Oil, Wax, Shatter, Budder, Dab, Honey
Others – Sticky, Honey, 7:10, 710


Hope you picked up a new phrase, come back tomorrow to see what’s up with the Letter C!

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