What a wonderful way to wake up! Today’s whimsical words are brought to you by the letter W.


A type of extract that has been rapidly aerated during post production so it assumes a looser, creamier consistency.

UK – Wax, Budder
US – Wax, Budder, Earwax

Wig Wag

Literally meaning “move to and fro” wig wag is commonly used to refer to a pattern of reversed images within glasswork or a line pattern consisting of spirals; usually along a pipe. Sometimes called a reversal.

UK – Wig Wag, Reversal
US – Wig Wag, Reversal


A slang term used to refer to pieces of glass that have unique designs and colors applied to them by an artist. An area of glass that is filled in with color beyond the normal “clear” glass.

UK – Worked
US – Worked

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