Day 21 already?! We’re almost through the alphabet! Today we have the titular letter T!


A class of unsaturated hydrocarbons found in the essential oils of many plants. Terpenes are often extremely strong in terms of natural flavor and scent and can define the overall flavor and scent of a plant.

UK – Terpene, Terp, Terps
US – Terpene, Terp, Terps


To take one hit out of a smoking utensil. Toking typically refers to joints, blunts, and spliffs, but it can also refer to glass pipes, one-hitters, and bongs, etc.

UK – Toke, Hit, Drag, Puff
US – Toke, Hit, Drag, Puff


A joint that is hand-rolled into the shape of a tulip. Originally from Amsterdam, the specialty joint resembles the flower it is named after with a pencil thin “stem” and a massive bulb at the end.

UK – Tulip, Tulip Joint
US – Tulip, Tulip Joint


What ever will we have UP tomorrow?

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