Let’s start this spectacular week with a simply stellar letter, the letter S!


A dabber with a shovel-like tip, designed for scooping up dry, powdery extracts such as kief or dry ice hash.

UK – Scoop, Shovel, Dabber, Dabbing Tool
US – Scoop, Shovel, Dabber, Dabbing Tool


The process of repeatedly heating a new titanium concentrate nail prior to first use. The necessity of seasoning, and the correct seasoning process are a somewhat disputed topic. Some users claim that it is completely unnecessary to season a nail at all. Some claim the correct method is repeatedly heating the nail until red hot, then dunking in cold water to rapidly cool the metal. Others state that the nail should be heated repeatedly and small amounts of oil or reclaim should be used to build up a layer over the top of the nail.

UK – Seasoning
US – Seasoning


A form of concentrate somewhere between a shatter and a budder. Sha-Budder is made by placing shatter on a low heat for an extended period of time instead of whipping it.

UK – Sha-Budder
US – Sha-Budder


A hard, brittle type of concentrate which get it’s name from the fact that it shatters when broken up with a dabber. Shatter has been purged of fats and lipids, making it an absolute.

UK – Shatter, Glass, Absolute
US – Shatter, Glass, Absolute


A metal plate which is heated and used for dabbing. A skillet can be attached to a waterpipe and used in place of a concentrate nail.

UK – Skillet, Hot Plate
US – Skillet, Hot Plate


A detachable glass bowl for a bong or waterpipe. The word slide is used as the bowl slides into or over the ground joint.

UK – Bowl, Nut, Slide
US – Slide, Bowl

Snap (Sap)

A type of concentrate with an opaque appearance and a pliable consistency similar to taffy. It takes its name from the fact that it ‘snaps’ when pulled apart with a dabber.

UK – Snap, Sap
US – Snap, Sap


A substance capable of dissolving another substance to create a solution. Solvents are used to extract active ingredients from plant matter to create concentrates. Solvents commonly used for this purpose are: Butane, Isopropyl Alcohol, CO2, Naphtha.

UK – Solvent
US – Solvent


Slang term for a hit from a hot knife.

UK – Hit, Stab
US – Stab, Hit

A small metal plate or skillet which is attached to a waterpipe by a detachable clip.

UK – Skillet, Swing, Hot Plate
US – Swing, Skillet


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