Day 2 of our Smoking Slang Dictionary is here! Check out what’s going on with Letter A.


A concentrated form of plant extract that has had waxes, fats and lipids removed as part of the extraction process.  Shatter.  Glass.  (See also Winterization)

UK – Absolute, Shatter, Glass

US – Absolute, Shatter, Glass


A purpose made glass connecting piece which slides into or over ground joints and changes the size of the connection, the sex of the connection or both.

UK – Adapter, Connecter

US – Adaptor, Connector


A method for growing flowers, fruits and vegetables indoors without the use of soil as a growing medium.  The plants are fed nutrient-rich water directly via a system of pipes and pumps.  Aeroponic grows are similar to Hydroponic grows, except with Aeroponic, the roots of the plants are suspended in air and are sprayed with the nutrient mixture as opposed to being submerged in it.  See: Dro.

UK – Aeroponic, Aero, Rainforest

US – Aeroponic, Aero


The transformation of glassy, shatter-like extracts into a waxy, budder-like substances which occurs after production due to trapped moisture.  Nucleation.

UK – Autobuddering, Nucleation
US – Autobuddering

Autoflowering / Auto

Seeds which automatically make the transition between the vegetative and flowering phases without the need for external stimuli such as changing the Photoperiod.
Autoflowering strains typically contain Ruderalis genetics which causes the plants to begin to flower around 2-3 weeks after germination.  These properties make autoflowering varieties very popular with growers in cold climates with short summers and also with stealth growers who require their plants to be short in stature due to limited space.

UK – Autoflowering, Auto, Autos, Ryder
US – Autos, Autoflowering, Auto, Ryder, Lowryder
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