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The oil or concentrate that builds up inside an oil rig over time. This oil can be ‘reclaimed’ and re-vaped by gently heating the class and letting the oil drip out. Similar results can be achieved by cleaning the oil rig with alcohol, shaking the rig until the oil is dissolved and then evaporating the alcohol.

UK – Reclaim, Reburn
US – Reclaim, Reburn, Afterburner


The leftover burnt material in a bowl after the initial herb is gone, can be scraped and re-lit.

UK – Resin
US – Resin

Rig (Oil Rig)

A bubbler or waterpipe that is especially designed for use with Concentrates. Oil Rigs are typically made of borosilicate glass and normally come equipped with a concentrate nail and vapor dome instead of a regular bowl. Rigs are usually much smaller than bongs as the water capacity needed to cool and smooth vapor is much less than smoke. See Dab Rig.

UK – Dab Rig, Oil Rig, Oil Bubbler, Concentrate Bubbler, Rig
US – Dab Rig, Oil Rig, Oil Bubbler, Concentrate Bubbler, Piece, Rig

Roach (UK)

A short cardboard tube used as a mouthpiece for joints and blunts.

UK – Roach, Tip, Crutch
US – Tip, Crutch, Filter, Rolling Tips

Roach (US)

US – The end of a joint or blunt, after it has become so small that it’s difficult to smoke. Usually saved for later and used with roach-clips.

UK – Roach
US – Roach

Roach Clip

An alligator clip, or similar device, that is used to hold a joint when it gets too small and begins burning your lips and fingers.

UK – Roach Clip
US – Roach Clip


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