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A glass rod with a rounded edge that is used to vaporize concentrates. A pair of paddles are heated and pressed together, vaporizing the material between them. Some paddles are hollow, allowing the user to inhale the vapor through the paddle like a straw. This technique is essentially the same principle as Hot Knifing.

UK – Paddle, Glass Paddle, Paddle Straw
US – Paddle, Glass Paddle, Paddle Straw


Specialty papers used for hand rolling cigarettes. Commonly made from hemp, rice, wood pulp, or flax. Papers are available in various sizes, flavors, and materials.

UK – Papers, Rolling Papers, Sleeves, Skins
US – Papers, Rolling Papers, Sleeves


Any smoking apparatus with a fillable chamber (bowl) and a mouthpiece. Usually made from wood, glass, metal, stone, or ceramic. Pipe styles range from sleek, production glass to extravagant, heady art work.

UK – Pipe, Chillum, Hand Pipe, Spoon Pipe
US – Pipe, Chillum, Hand Pipe, Spoon Pipe


The process of eradicating any remaining solvents from your concentrate after the extraction process. Usually, this is achieved by vacuum leaching or by whipping the concentrate over a low heat. Purging is essential to avoid contaminated extracts or Tane Soup.

UK – Purge, Clean
US – Purge, Clean


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