Now, on this nifty day, we’ve got a new set of definitions for you, all with the Letter N!


A spike which is heated and used to vaporize concentrates. Nails are usually made from extremely heat-resistant materials such as titanium, inert ceramic or quartz glass. A Concentrate Nail. See Iron and Concentrate Nail.

UK – Concentrate Nail, Nail, Iron
US – Nail, Iron, Concentrate Nail

Nectar Collector

A type of pipe for smoking concentrates. Nectar Collectors are typically made from Borosilicate Glass and resemble a syringe with a Dab Nail on the end. The nail is heated with a torch and then placed directly into a jar or dish containing Oil or Wax. The user inhales while touching the hot tip of the Nectar Collector to the concentrate which instantly vaporizes it in a similar way to a hot nail on a Dab Rig. Nectar Collectors are available in many different styles with some incorporating water chambers, percolators and cooling sections within the main design.

UK – Nectar Collector
US – Nectar Collector


A Dabber or Wand used for manipulating sticky, viscous concentrates. Needles are usually made from metallic materials with high heat resistance such as titanium.

UK – Dabber, Dab Tool, Pick, Needle
US – Dabber, Dab Tool, Needle, Pick


What do we have in store for you tomorrow? Guess you’ll just have to come back and find out ;D


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