Mmm… Have we got a marvelous menagerie for you! Introducing, the Letter M!


Magic Wand

An incredibly long joint; at least 40 cm in length.

UK – Magic Wand
US – Magic Wand



Slang term for Budder or Earwax.  Derived from the film The Karate Kid and the character Mr. Miyagi played by Pat Morita and his famous “Wax on, wax off!” line.

UK – Wax, Budder, Earwax
US – Budder, Earwax, Wax, Miyagi


The opening of the device that is smoked out of. This may be the tube opening for a bong, or a hole opposite the bowl on a pipe.  This is where the mouth is placed to inhale the smoke.

UK – Mouthpiece
US – Mouthpiece


Hope everyone has a great weekend! See you all on Monday for the next letter.


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