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Keck Clip

A keck clip is a small piece of acrylic or plastic that is designed to latch onto connected glass ground joints. This keeps the glass parts in place until you are ready to detach them, preventing any unnecessary cracks or breakages.

UK – Keck Clip, Joint Clip, Joint Clamp
US – Keck Clip, Joint Clip, Joint Clamp

Kief (Keef)

A dry concentrate which is obtained by sifting plant matter through a fine mesh or sifter. Kief can be pressed into discs or cakes using a Pollen Presser or used in powdered form. See Dry Sift.

UK – Kief, Dry Sift, Crystals, Sugar, Pollen
US – Kief, Keif, Keef, Sugar, Pollen

King Size

King Size refers to a popular size of rolling papers, approximately 100-105mm in length and 55-60mm in width. The length is the same size as Regular (1 ¼) Size papers, but the extra width allows for a larger diameter cigarette. King Size papers are compatible with 110mm rolling machines. King Size Slim is a variant of King Size.

UK – King Size, King-Size, King-Sized
US – King Size, King-Size, King-Sized


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