Joyous Tuesday everyone! Hope you had a jubilant weekend, maybe you even managed to fit in some jacuzzi time. Anyways, that’s enough jabbering, we’ve got a dictionary to get on with! All joking aside, here’s today’s jolly letter – J

John Hammond

Slang for Concentrate.  Especially golden, viscous concentrates.  Named after the scientist played by Richard Attenborough in the film Jurassic Park and his famously golden-amber fossil.  Goo.

UK – Oil, Concentrate
US – Dab, Concentrate


A hand rolled cigarette usually containing an herbal blend. Rolling papers are typically used for joints.


UK – Joint, Jay, Bones, Doobie
US – Joint, Jay, Bones, Doobie

Joint Size

Joint Size refers to the gender and size of the ground joint on your glass piece. Available genders are Male and Female, while available sizes range anywhere from 10mm to 29mm. The most common sizes are 10mm, 14mm (aka 14.4mm), and 18mm (aka 18.8mm, 19mm).

UK – Joint Size, Ground Joint
US – Joint Size, Ground Joint


Check back tomorrow for a keen look into the kooky letter K!

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