Smoking on the Down Low – Or how not to get caught by The Man!
(A Shopping Guide for Stealthy Devices)

There are times when you just have to smoke and with public smoking bans coming into force around the world we thought we would cover some of the better ways.   Back in the day, exhaling through a paper towel roll stuffed with a scented dryer sheet was enough to keep the scent from being detected, but nowadays, there are better options to get a smoke on the down low.  Here are a few of the most innovative, and discreet devices for smoking without being noticed:


Portable Vaporizer: There are a lot of options in the world of vaporizers, but the one that looks the least like a smoking device is the Puffit Vaporizer.  Constructed to look exactly like an asthma inhaler, this product ensures no one will notice when you are vaping either dry herbs or using the removable concentrate attachment.

Vaporizer Pens are also ideal for smoking in stealth mode. Looking more like their eliquid vaping cousins but designed for concentrates and dry herb. You really can’t tell the difference and on casual inspection would pass for a regular vaping device.


Flashlight Stealth Pipe: The Aluminum Torch Pipe looks exactly like a small flashlight keychain, however, it doesn’t actually light up at all. Well, not with a bulb at least.  It will light you up as it does work as a fully-functional pipe.  It fits easily on your keychain and in your pocket and would easily go undetected.

Ballpoint Pen Pipe: Now this one is reminiscent of a James Bond gadget.  You simply unscrew the top where the eraser fits and fill the void as you would a tiny bowl or a one-hitter.  You can wear this one in your front pocket like a real pen.

Honorable Mention:

Edibles:  While clearly not a “device”, edibles are most definitely a method to get high with no one noticing.   Edibles come in every flavor, shape and size you can imagine—just be careful not to leave them out for an unsuspecting sweet-toothed friend!  To make your own, try the Mota Pot which helps you to create your own herb-infused oils.


Bull-IT Pipe: This is our favorite stealthy pipe. Looks just like a bullet but contains a hidden smoke path that makes the hit cool and smooth. Can be worn around the neck pre-loaded and stealthy. If you hit take away the flame and it naturally goes out. Has a huge bowl too so designed for a night out in

When you can’t smoke freely, try one of these options to entertain yourself. There is always something quiet satisfying about having a secretive and adventurous toke. Enjoy!

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