Smoker's Rolling Box - Flip-Top Lid

This Smoker’s Flip-Top Rolling Box incorporates a ‘flip-top’ lid which flips over to become a rolling tray with convenient rolling station. The reversible lid has magnets on its underside to seal shut and to double as a slide proof joint rolling tray.

The Smoker’s Box has compartments for easy storage of essentials such as smoking mix, rolling papers, grinder & tips. The wood has a natural varnish.

The Smoker’s Flip-Top Rolling Box is available is both a larger and smaller size to suit your own personal requirements.


Flip your top for increased rolling options
Flip your top for increased rolling options


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  • Michael Schneider

    It is called a bier stick. Large plastic syringe contraption. You pack up this metal slide. Put that into the tip of the bier stick. While one person holds the end and lights it, the other person pulls the syringe tube back and the hole large tube fills with smoke. Then you put your mouth on the tip and someone pushes the tube in and all the smoke gets forced down your lungs. Hits much smoother then you would think and gets you RIPPED!

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