If you have ever felt paranoid about the scent or smell your smoking causes, let your fears ease. Here comes the Smoke Buddy. The Smoke Buddy was designed with stress free smoking in mind. If you don’t want to bother non-smoking friends with the aroma of your delicious herbal mixture, grab one of these bad boys and utilize it.



The original personal air filter is perfect for disguising unseemly odors that smoke and other substances can create. Your smoking is no secret so why bother masking the scent? Well congrats… But don’t forget that there are other people in the world aside from you, selfish smoker. Maybe your mom doesn’t want to second hand sample the sick strain you just ingested. Maybe your room mates are trying to quit or take an herb break, and the delicious aroma of your skunky sesh is too tempting. Or maybe you are travelling and want to be a respectful hotel or motel guest. Whatever the specific scenario, these charcoal filtered wonders are for you.

The construction on these smoke containing gems is simple yet second to none. A round barrel tank holds activated charcoal inside. When you blow through the front end, your smoke will be effectively deodorized and filtered with this charcoal.




Say goodbye to those wadded up dryer sheets stuffed into a discarded soggy toilet paper roll. That is Mickey Mouse amateur hour stuff and you don’t need that mess anymore. The Original Smoke Buddy comes in regular size, the Smoke Buddy Jr., and the Smoke Buddy mega size. Depending on how often you smoke and your smoking habits, pick a size and get to blowing that smoke. With a variety of choices in color and size, you really can’t go wrong.

Each Smoke Buddy comes with a cute Smoke Buddy keychain so you can wear your smoke odor eliminating ways out with pride.

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