Smelly Proof Baggies

The Smelly Proof Baggies will hide any potent smells and offer the ideal storage solution.

These Smelly Proof baggies are made from puncture and tear resistant plastic. The double locking seals ensure that when the bag is sealed it stays smell proof and water tight.

Take it from us, these bags really work! There are also bulk buy discounts for each of the sizes of the Smelly Proof Baggies.

Smelly Proof Baggies

Smelly Proof Baggies

Full Range of Smelly Proof Baggies:

·          Smelly Proof Baggie – Extra Small

·          Smelly Proof Baggie – Small

·          Smelly Proof Baggie – Medium

·          Smelly Proof Baggie – Large

·          Smelly Proof Baggie – Extra Large

4 thoughts on “Smelly Proof Baggies”

  1. Love these 🙂 really do keep all smells in! Used them in some rather dodgy places and they worked a treat lol 🙂

  2. I bought a couple of these a year ago from a different place and they cost me nearly a fiver each! Good item to have EDIT 🙂

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