Small SheeCool Shisha Pipes - Mini Ice Hookahs

The small SheeCool Shisha Pipes are filled with a non-toxic freezable gel that cuts down on the burning sensations while inhaling the smoke.


Unlike conventional Shisha Pipes that loses efficiency and taste after minutes of use, the SheeCool Ice Hookah Pipe retains a sensational taste with every puff that can last up to 3 hours by preserving the flavor 2 times more than the normal Shisha water tank. The water tank of the small Sheecool Hookah unscrews into two parts and is easy to reconnect. There is a silicon segment placed between the top part and bottom part to prevent leaking.


Designed by Sheecool Shisha Pipes for small size freezers and to minimize space for shipping and storage purpose.


• Stainless Steel Inner stem and filter tube
• Grommets are non-recycled material (no bad smell)
• Washable hose, zinc coated inner string
• Available with a single or double hose


Small SheeCool Shisha Pipes - Mini Ice Hookahs

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