The Slick One Grinder/Sifter has a super tough hard slick black finish with a silicon sealing ring to reduce friction. The Slick Black’s tough diamond teeth get the job done in seconds.

Slick One Grinder/Sifter

Slick One Grinder/Sifter

A Selection of Other Grinder-Sifter Grinders:

·         Flame Top Metal Grinder/Sifter – Small Silver

·         Classic Hand-Grenade Grinder/Sifter – With Pin

·         King Skull Grinder/Sifter

·         Smooth Grinder/Sifter- 56mm

·         Smooth Grinder/Sifter – 40mm

·         Smooth Grinder/Sifter – 30mm

·         Killer Grinder/Sifter- Small

·         Space Case Grinder/Sifter – Small

·         Space Case Grinder/Sifter- Medium

·         Space Case Grinder/Sifter – Large

·         Space Case Titanium Herb Grinder/Sifter

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