These Skunkalicious Skunk Brand Rolling Papers are sweet flavoured. Popular in the US, the new Skunk brand range of quality hemp papers are extra thin, slow burning and use natural gum.

Skunk Rolling Papers are one of the oldest brands of hemp papers around. When it was launched in 1995 it took the market by surprise and carved out a longstanding niche for itself. The Skunk Brand character “Stinky” is very well known and has even had its own line of clothing.

Skunk Papers are made in Spain of pure hemp. They burn nice and slowly and have a very loyal customer base.

Skunk Rolling Papers Skunkalicious

Full Skunk Brand Rolling Papers Range:

·         Skunk Brand Smoking Papers 1¼ Size – Skunkalicious

·         Skunk Brand Smoking Papers 1 ¼ Size

·         Skunk Brand Smoking Papers 1 ½ Size

·         Skunk Brand Smoking Papers – Strawberry Skunk

·         Skunk Brand Smoking Papers – Blueberry Skunk

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