From the Champ Company comes the top quality Silver Match Lighter range of affordable deluxe lighters FOR MEN. Why they are for men I do not know but I’m rolling with it.

The Silver Match ‘Chelsea’ Lighter is a heavyweight lighter with a brushed finish, which any man of any notable manliness will find more than suitable to his requirements. Each Silver Match Lighter weighs in at about 65g, so it’s nicely weighted in your hand but light enough in your pocket so as not to interfere with your saving of babies, daring helicopter plunges and occasional damsel rescue.

This Silver Match Lighter burns with a TURBO blue flame and comes PROTECTED in a protective storage and presentation case, making it an ideal gift for a friend or loved one. It is available in four different finishes as you can see for yourself below.

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 Full List of Silver Match Lighters:
  • Silver Match Lighter – Chrome
  • Silver Match Lighter – Matt Black
  • Silver Match Lighter – Gunmetal Grey
  • Silver Match Lighter – Silver

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