Introducing the exquisite range of glass bubblers by Sheldon Black. These glass blowers have been pioneering the borosilicate glass revolution for a long time now and this range of glass bubblers is a testament to the quality they produce and the classy nature of their designs. Creating purely functional pieces that are easy on the eye, Sheldon Black is a must have for any serious glass collector out there.

The detail put into the design of these waterpipes is astonishing. This is perhaps best displayed by the reverse frosted SB logos adorned upon most of their ground joints. The removable glass pieces fit on with perfection and are easy to clean and maintain.

We are excited and privileged to have such a vast range of Sheldon Black glass on our site and look forward to adding more to our vast collection. There are five main designs with different labels and artwork upon them. The main five are listed below, enjoy the eye candy!

Concentrator Bubbler by Sheldon Black

Sheldon Black Hammer Bubbler with Stemless 6 Arm Percolated Diffuser

Sheldon Black 5 Arm Tree Perc Bubbler

Sheldon Black Bubbler with Removable Pinhole Diffuser

Sheldon Black Showerhead Glass Bubbler

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