Its been a hectic week recovering from the Mudfest that was the Secret Garden Party. Our oddessey started with the G-man not being able to make it and we had to take PixieBoy instead. Pixie Boy is part human part pixie and is proine to get himself and those around him into mischief. He was told simple instructioins, bring a sleeping bag, one man tent, change of clothes. He arrived with a 6 man tent, 5 boxes of various “stuff” no sleeping bag and forgot his clothes. So our journey began and I ahve to say that the journey down was uneventful and as we got nearer to the venue we decided to stop at Tesco to get some beer. Here we met TJ, TJ needed a lift to the Party, it soon became apparent why TJ was on his own, he had the coinversational skills of a mute.

Arriving at SGP we were in a queue when up popped “mr security” “hi guys” just a quick word to say “no alcohol allowed on site so if you have any you may want to hide it now.”
“what?” I asked incredulous, I couldnt believe what I was hearing
“well if you have any beer and spirits hide it, my colleagues around the corner will look in your van but not thoroughly if you get my meaning” as he touched the side of his nose and sidled off down the long line of camper vans.
I took his meaning and hid all our beer beyond the reach of any but the most serious of searchers. Lo and behold the van was duly searched and passed fit for entry! 😉 However some weren’t so lucky and we saw a generator confiscated and loads of beer emptied onto the ground. Some people can’t even be told properly by security…or take a not to subtle hint…your loss

So we set up camp and march out looking for our Thursday night entertainment. We were met in the trees by a serious amount of bass coming from the Feral Fever DJ Stage, we then came across King Porter Stomp who were excellent with their dub sound and rinsed the Artful Badger Stage. Mud was about but it seemed more like slurry and not at all that much of a problem to get around in. The real fun would start tomorrow, so we headed back after a few hours drinking and wristbanding.

Friday we awoke to some serious rain, having eaten our breakfast we set out to go around the festival handing wristbands out and generally watching the entertainment. Or at least thats what we thought. The mud had decided to become GLUE and the rain just made matters worse. To walk through this gloop was tiring and it was only 12 in the afternoon we had two days of this to go. Never the less trudge through this we did. Moving around the various stages it was clear that the mud was not dampening the festivities. Bearded Kitten had a particularly dastardly form of entertainment on when we arrived. Two hairy men had been covered in waxing strips and hoisted high above the baying crowds. The one with the most strips left won…It was trerrific entertainment..although it looked very painful for the competitors.

And still the rain came down making the mud even worse…still the woods were dry.

More soon…..

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