Much recent scientific research has gone into the examination of how scented candles and aromatic incense help lower levels of stress and blood pressure.

The aromatic scent that is diffused by the candle or incense stick essentially has a revitalizing effect on your senses, leaving your body and mind feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

We feel it is essential to have at least a couple of minutes to unwind each day to eradicate the stresses and strains of the daily grind… and what better way to induce a calming ambience than to light a candle or some incense?

That’s why we carry a large range of flavoured and scented incense sticks (& funky incense holders) and an array of specially formulated aromatherapy scents in stylish candles.

These fine candles combine 100% natural wax with pure essential oils to create the perfect gift.

The fragrances have been carefully chosen to create a wonderful mood and fragrance throughout the room.

All in all these different forms of aromatherapy are a thoroughly enjoyable way to relieve the weight of the world from your shoulders… if only for a little while!

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