Introducing the large Salt Dry ‘Devil’ Pipe. This coloured borosilicate glass pipe has some incredible work put into the tiny little details. Salt has made a name for himself by making different creature style designs with very intricate glass work behind them. This pipe is no exception to that rule. It contains 5 solid black glass horns adorned around the pipe. Two of these horns open up into a mouth that contains worked white borosilicate glass teeth, giving this pipe an ivory look.

The main body of the pipe has a worked creature style face that is made up of mainly different shades of red borosilicate glass with worked wrinkles throughout to give the piece a more realistic look. There is a worked glass eye with different shades of green and yellow with a black iris in the centre. This is set upon a white ‘eyeball’. Along the mouth there is another set of white teeth that contain so much detail they almost look real.

Just below the ‘demon’s mouth there is the mouthpiece, whilst the carb hole is on the other side of the pipe. The bowl for the pipe contains a ‘Salt’ signature and is on the underside of the demon’s face.

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