Introducing the amazing creature diffused glass ash catcher by ‘Salt’, an astoundingly talented glass blower.

At first glance this may look like a simple 18.8 glass ash catcher but it does not take long to realise how special this piece of art glass really is.

The ash catcher itself is a diffused, bottle shape, cylindrical ash catcher which has been strengthened with additional glass at key points in the design.

The pièce de résistance however is the ‘creature’ which composes the pinhole diffused downstem portion of this ash catcher.

The creature has been formed using clear glass in which the emerald green colouring has been pulled through creating a very reptilian feel.

It is composed of layers, which gives the illusion of a plated skin, or an armoured shell.

In addition to this is a row of white glass teeth which line one side of the creature, just below the pinholes which compose the diffused downstem.

The most amazing part of this piece is the focal point that is the eye! The creature’s eye is so intricately created you can define the different canes of glass used to create the iris, the pupil, the cornea and the lens, as well as a worked eyelid which gives that ‘evil’ stare.

The work that is involved in the manufacturing of such a piece is nothing shy of mind boggling, another truly magnificent piece of art glass from Salt.

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