RYOT Rolling Trays

Neat little Acrylic Rolling Trays featuring cool designs that will have all the kids on the estate respecking you. It is the perfect size for rolling-up and will easily house your herbal mixture, rolling papers, tube of filters, roach book, pokey and all those lovely legal herb stems you can’t bear to throw away just yet.

Designs include a Boom Box, a Butterfly and a Silhouetted Lady Figure. There is also a Basic design bearing only the RYOT logo and the legend Ready to Roll. They keep all your business neat and tidy and even double as a coin tray or hand-operated face fan.


RYOT Rolling Tray
RYOT Rolling Trays


·         RYOT Rolling Tray – Boom Box

·         RYOT Rolling Tray – Butterfly

·         RYOT Rolling Tray – Silhouette Chick

·         RYOT Rolling Tray – Basic (Ready To Roll)

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