Depending on what circle you run in, you will hear different stories about the Roor and the RoorTech names. Let’s explore together the main differences between the two similar sounding companies.


Roor was a company started in Frankenthal Germany around 1995 by Martin Birzle, a master European glassblower. The glass making company brought new levels of perfection and standards to a wild west newborn industry. Every piece handmade by Roor is triple inspected at their factory compounds, ensuring that the product you are going to hold in your hand is the real deal genuine article, free of imperfections and errors. Also to ensure you have a real Roor bong in your possession, take a look at the logo for a quick study. Are the R’s curved elegantly? It’s probably a real Roor then.

Essentially RoorTech is the American subsidiary of Roor Germany. This means that some of that German attention to triple check detail is lost. In 2009, the rights to distribute under the Roor name switched hands and the new heads founded RoorTech. The German construction was far superior to certain stalwarts, and then later the original defectors formed Sheldon Black. When the glass world seems incestuous or ideas seem like they are borrowed, they are because it is.

German classic Roor designs boast natural expansion and heavy borosilicate glass while Roortech has been reported somewhat flimsier. Also, on earlier Roortech prototypes, instead of precisely fused glass joints you would see rubber stoppers or grommets. This made some wrinkle their noses and now you don’t see this non glass fixture on Roortech pieces any longer. The genuine Roor glass bongs are a bit thicker and sturdier than their US counterparts as well.

Of course this argument all comes down to a matter of opinion. Roor can allegedly outlast a RoorTech glass bong, yet RoorTech has proven to be a little less expensive across the board generally speaking.

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