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  1. the best non glass pipe i have smoked has to be the little babe i found when i was going fru my grandads old army stuff, the little beast had a deep bowl made from what i fink is bamboo, on the bowl it has these very thin bits of metel which act a pipe sceen u can pull them out with plyers to clean, bit that i toked fru is made from the same stuff as the bowl and has a dragon carved in to the sides. i dont fink my grandad would of wanted my smokin the herb fru it but it has a good home and is as good as new its probs worth a bit but wouldnt sell it or even swap it for all the roors in the world fact

  2. The best pipe that I’ve smoke out of was actually my homemade bubbler. It was made out if a pen body, play-doh container, plumbing fastener thing, and the metal piece of a pen where you screw of and on at the bottom of a pen. I used the bottom of the pen piece as the bowl and poked a hole at the top of the container and another on the side for the carb. A hole was also needed so that the pens body can be stabbed in just a bit as that is the mouthpiece. Use the plumbing thing on top top set the bowl on so the plastic doesn’t get melted and load a bowl and enjoy! πŸ™‚

  3. hey editttttt…

    you know judge’s gavels that they bang in court? i saw one converted into a pipe once! or maybe it wasnt real… anyway it was siiick

  4. in germany my dad bought a pipe that was like polished brass or some type of metal. thats my fav!

  5. its called the vapor dragon… (dont ask). you light it at the mouth (like a dragon breathing fire). wooden, naturally

  6. i found a bottle that (legit) was shaped like a praying alien. i HAD to covert it into a pipe. it works ok too!

  7. i went on a trip to some polish salt mines, and they sold these weird cups as soiveniers. did i mention that you can smoke out of them!!?!??!/1

    please let me with this edit… ive never won and i KNOW people who have won

  8. i got a good wooden pipe from jamaca. i named it dr. gustavo wonderful, and thats my favorite non-glass pipe….

    come to think of it its my favorite of any pipe… but i dont know that many pipes i guess.


    maybe i can get to know this pipe if i win πŸ˜‰

  9. i took a model tank and tried smoking it… tasted like s**t but it worked real well huh?

  10. Well…the BEST non-glass pipe I smoked out of happens to be the first pipe I ever hit. It was a multi-chambered metal pipe. My friend had it, and we were all just chillin’ in the basement. Then he pulls out this pipe that, at glance, I thought he made it. Considering it looked built from parts and it had a gun chamber, serving as the bowls. That’s right, I said bowlS. And we decided after careful consideration, to hit all six chambers..all…at….ONCE! Bad idea, personally, being that I was young and had not built up the tolerance(of tobacco..), that I have now. Ok, 3 of us smoking, 1. My man had first hit(his pipe, his herb, first serve), he hits em all fast & simultaneously, like a pro, still choked. 2. My turn…I. “zen’d” my lungs, started rippin’, 1 to the 2 to the 3 to the 4, stop, dropped and choked. 3. Couldn’t tell you. As my lungs cooled down, i all of a sudden realized, that I was SUPER HIGH, through-the-clouds-to-mars type high. And til this day I have never been able to reach that high again.
    Charlie, EDIT4LIFE!

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