Roor Glass won 1st Place in the Glass Cup category at this year’s HTCC in Amsterdam with their magical Roor Excalibur Bong. Standing at over six feet tall and needing to be transported around in its own custom-built flight case, the Roor Excalibur was unlikely to be ignored!

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The Roor Excalibur bong is made in four sections and blown from 9mm thick glass, featuring Fire & Ice colour sections and matching bowls and diffuser. The base is a massive 33cm wide to support the world’s largest limited glass Roor, which stands at over 6ft tall! That’s at least 183cm – 128cm longer than the tallest Roor bong (55cm) available in the Everyonedoesit online store. And if you convert that 128cm height difference back into feet and round it up in the correct mathematical manner, no word of a lie, you get 4.20ft. Now that’s magic. (NB. Some reports have it standing at 195cm but I’m ignoring them for now as it ruins my magic sum.)

Roor Excalibur Bong HTCC 2009 Best Glass Winner

The recent 2009 event was the 22nd Hightimes Cannabis Cup and Martin Birzle and co have rightfully gone one better than their stunning 2008 entry – the Mr Nice ‘Powered by Howard’ custom Roor bong which was awarded 2nd Place last year.

So congratulations to and to Cypress Hill too, who the piece was commissioned for and who are the lucky elite who will actually experience the hit from that particular bong. I’d get a ticket for their gigs when they tour near you because, like I said before, this Roor Excalibur Bong comes with its own custom-built flight case…

The HTCC 2009 Best Glass Category Awards…


  • Goodall

    Looks cool, but those metal clips holding the sections together look awful, you woulda though roor would have found a more aesthetically pleasing way to keep it together, maybe like deep ground glass joints

  • honestly?

    I’m honestly not impressed what so ever. In fact I’m shocked that this even won an award… It’s a very long bong thats a straight tube? AMAZING WOW NEVER THOUGHT THIS COULD BE MADE… POOCHED if you ask me!

  • Mao

    It looks like the planned for clearing it by using 38.4 tubing with low profile ground glass joints and custom made clips that probably have an easy flip mechanism so you could take the top off while filled with smoke then clear as a shotgun. The base is 45.5 sealed onto a Corning cast-glass optical plate that appears to 3/4 inch thick. The base alone would cost a scientific glass shop $1,200-$2,500 by itself. ROOR holds market share forever with products like that.

  • Ian

    Metal clips–really? I know I’d be disappointed if I commissioned a bong from Roor and found out it was held together by unappealing metal clips, I wonder what Cypress Hill’s impressions were…

  • scoot

    ha so anyone who is dissing this bong is a clown…cux the art in its dope,and im sure those metal clips have some rubber in them to protect the glass roor isn’t a group of retards like yourselves.

  • zeb

    I really like it! ROOR always brings the illest pieces! I heard you can get other cypress hill tubes here now in the states…anyone have any info??? id love one!

  • aj & chief

    chief; to all you dumbasses wgo dis this bong. i would love to watch yu hit it. all you weed smoking pussies would puke. nuff said. BITCHHH!! aj; this man is right this bong kicks a lot of fuckin balls man. if you dont like it GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • col

    It looks amazing & I would certainly give it a blast – but the simple fact is something that huge, no matter how well made – the sheer volume of smoke is going to turn those lungs inside out.

    But like I said I’d definitely hit it! it would be worth the 30 minute coughing fit afterwards >:o)

  • cj

    This is a great bong but it definitely wasn’t the best glass of 09. I mean come on its a 6 Foot bong that only filters through water once. Sure it was probably the best glass of 09 as far as looks are concerned but it shouldn’t win anything besides best art because its the least functional piece I’ve ever laid eyes on. I know roor doesn’t make him percs because its hard but have any of you hit a straight glass 6 footer before? Trust me they suck. I spent 1500usd to have a local artist make me a custom 6 footer. If you fill it with smoke by the time your done clearing it the smoke at the end is so harsh its unhittable. A 6 footer is only good if you have a bunch of buddies over and with how much it cost you dont want to use it in public and risk a friend breaking it… in other words its utterly useless. So fuck this roor and the idiots who rated it higher than the incredibowl.

  • Matt

    Eh, it’s alright… It’s clear that it won because of two names, ROOR and Cyrpess Hill, otherwise, it’s just a big bong that’s like ghetto’d together… Metal clips? Dude I would have sent it back to ROOR and told them to do it again but do it right this time. a 6′ bong made by one of the top glass companies should be mind blowing and leave you in awe. It’s just not that good.

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