Glass Glass and more Glass

It’s all about the glass here at Everyonedoesit, we love the glass, we breathe glass, we worship…you get the picture. Well today has all been about adding glass bongs and a selection of glass pipes to the website. We have had some real gems come into stock over the last few weeks, here are our highlights.

Roor Cypress Hill Glass Bong

Roor Special Edition Cypress Hill Bong

From the crew that is Cypress Hill we now have a very limited edition bong that is the Roor Cypress Hill Icemaster. This limited edition bong form roor features the Cypress Hill logo, a Pure Smoke Kulture handmade marble and is finished throughout with matching green crown mouthpiece and ice notches. It’s a lovely piece sure to be a real collector’s item in the future for all Glass aficionado’s especially Roor collectors.

Weed Star bring to you the Lill Illusion

This wonderful range of beaker glass bongs are finished with colour showerhead dome percs that are also matched with coloured glass beads on the neck of the bong. Offering amazing value for money we are not expecting these to stay in stock for long, so make sure you don’t miss out on these superb glass waterpipes at only £49.95 each!

Glass Spoon Pipes

We have also extended our range of glass spoon pipes with a significant increase in the amount of glass we carry. With value for money being at the forefront of our minds we have expanded our sub $40 range of glass to include some really lovely pieces that are perfect as day pieces or throw down pieces. Quality has been the main consideration and each of these pipes are made from premium borosilicate glass and have some bright vibrant patterns and designs. Why not browse our large Glass Spoons category?

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