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A very special one-off Custom Roor Bong that is affectionately named the Lion of Judah after the Rastafarian King of Kings, Haile Selassie, for its predominantly Rastafarian colour scheme, where red represents their church and the blood of their martyrs, green the pastures of their promised land in Ethiopia and yellow the wealth of their homeland.

This genuinely unique Roor bong features tri-coloured ice-notches matching a beautiful wavy ‘Cosmos’ mid-section. The sandblasted hemp leaf on the base and surprisingly Rasta mouthpiece add even more character to the piece, while the flame-polish logo glints in the sun as the greens, reds and yellows weave magically around it.

The large beaker bottom of this Roor Dealers Cup base provides the bong with a water volume FOUR TIMES that of a straight-up Fairmaster, with which it otherwise shares the same height and tube diameter.

All Roor bongs are made from the highest-quality Borosilicate glass and expertly crafted in their workshop in Germany to create a completely tension-free masterpiece. All Roor bongs of 3.2mm thickness or above have come with a BISTABLE JOINT as standard. This adds 40% more glass to the ground notch (joint) adding heaps more stability and making it much less prone to breakage.

Custom Additions:

·         1x Green & Yellow Rasta Mouthpiece

·         Flame-Polished Logo

·         Green/Yellow/Red Coloured Ice-Notches

·         Green/Yellow/Red Coloured ‘Cosmos’ Mid-Section

·         2 x Grip Reductions

·         Sandblasted Hemp Leaf

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