This morning we received a delivery from one of our favourite suppliers… ROOR
We received just a few of our NEW ROOR CUSTOM BONGS. The new collection features interesting designs combined with the excellent signature quality that we expect from our German friends…. crown tops, tri-logos, multi-coloured ice notches, and even Rasta beaded bowls.

Here is a preview of some of the pieces we got in so far….

P.s keep any eye out because we might just give one of these away…. Maybe? Huuummmmm!


Two more just in, what do you think?



  • bambalambam



  • Snapplecap420

    One of those rasta tubes has my name on it =D I agree with Ian i wish they would start working on the percolator, but the roor.de reputation says they won’t put it on the market if it isn’t perfected like their tubes are…good stuff though, looking forward to a contest.

  • EDIT

    We are still adding to our RooR range and we are expecting lots of new stock over the next couple of months. Aaron good news – new RooR bowls on route! πŸ™‚


    Omg the new roooor loook hot… I wanna cream one of them i hope you give one to me =D i never smoked through roor, i have an Ehle but shes only small anyways edit the roors are lookinf fresh let me be the judge.

  • Aaron

    Thanks for the heads up on the bowls ill defentally be purchasing some. And to the ppl talking about perced roors they make them but not in germany they do in the US. Search google there badass but good luck finding one i know i wouldnt be able to find one in my area.

  • Snapplecap420

    I know they do aaron, however I would like to see the quality that goes into DE roors go into a perc’d roor. IMHO I think RooR.US was too concentrated on mass production instead of putting great work into each individual piece. Also last I heard from my local shops, US roor is no more, so whatever pieces are left floating around are all thats left.

  • Carter

    Snapple, the reason US RooR was terminated is due to the massive number of fake RooRs in shops around the USA. Ive found them from North California all the way to Memphis Tennessee. You probably saw alot of the fakes that were bad quality. You can find them here with really thin walls, crappy slit hole diffusers, and a crappy stamped out bowl all marked RooR.

  • teamdelux

    i just never seem to be able to afford one, and i am from germany… in love with custom #6, #4 in second and #3 for third.

  • teamdelux

    i just realised i would be a rasta-roor if i were any kind of pipe! my mom is from Bavaria and my dad is Jamaican! Hook me UP!

  • teamdelux

    still 6, 4, 3. They are all nice, its just something with six that is calling me… to the dark side!

  • Aaron

    When do you think all the new roor stuff will be instock? Beacause ive been looking to buy a new bowl for my Roor for ages.

  • EDIT

    Aaron, we’re expecting new stock to be coming in over the next few weeks… because some of the bowls are not standard Roor pieces, they treat them like customs orders. When they are in I’ll be sure to post it up on the blog and on facebook so check back when you can. I can assure you… with Roor… its always worth the wait!

  • Aaron

    Okay thanks for the quick feedback. I just wanted to make sure u would be getting it sometime next month is all. So is EDIT getting a decent amount of roor bowls because that would be sweeeet. Of course its worth the wait for roor and its also worth the price tag because they make bomb shit.

  • Nick

    Oh my god, the beaker with the back crown and reductions is freaking amazing. How much is that going to be EDIT?

  • teamdelux

    what is the one most important add on to customize your RooΠ― water pipe and make it an expression of your personality?

  • Aaron

    Well the most important add on to a bong would be a diffuser or a a/c. The only thing that i can think of as add on to express yourself would be a custom worked bowl. Hope that helps

  • teamdelux

    @aaron. thanks just a question in general. i just wanted to see if pple were customizing their pipes and to what extent, i like the roor vape idea alot, and after the bong its self ive seen em with ash catches, percs joint size switches and sometimes multiples of one or the other. i love how u can put pieces together like legos

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