This Custom Roor Bong 3.2 has been expertly fashioned from the purest, highest-quality borosilicate glass and will make a great addition to any glass collection large or small, because ice-notches and a yellow logo on the straight tube means you have a smaller, more compact and less expensive version of the majestically huge Roor Fairmaster 5mm. Behold the Mini Master.

Available is both 14.5 and 18.8 joint sizes just like its Fairmaster father, the Roor Bong Custom Mini Master is 35cm of guaranteed satisfaction.

Custom Roor Bong 3.2mm - Mini Master

All Roor Bongs of 3.2mm thickness come with bistable joints as standard, which adds 40% more glass to the ground notch joint adding more stability and making it less prone to breakage. All Roor glass bongs purchased on EDIT come complete with a suitable Roor Glass Gauze and a free acrylic herb grinder.

3.2mm Mini Masters (35cm) with 5mm Fairmaster (55cm)


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  • Erich

    Oh, patty d, it is. Last year, June of ’08 to be exact, I ordered a plain, 35cm 7.0 and due to a backorder issue, I had to wait a while. Imagine my surprise when I got what amounted to a 7mm Mini Master! I’m telling you, it’s a GREAT “daily driver” when I pair it with my 5mm ashcatcher and two diffused downtubes, one for the A.C. and the other for the pipe. That eliminates the need for percs, IMO.

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