And your RooR winner is…






Yep, gonna make you watch the video. My apologies that it’s is a bit cack. I had great plans for it, but ran out of time and am more Spielberk than berg.


The 10 Joker Entrants were as follows (you get a quick look at them in the vid):

1.     Alexis

2.     Amanda

3.     Slate L

4.     Luke Gardner

5.     John (S-Scientist)

6.     Jimothy


8.     Bornat420

9.     SpiritualHerbalist

10.  HashBean

Just one winner means so many losers….


So congratulations to our winner [NtrailZ!!!], you can just about read their name at the end. The idea was for one to pop out of the joint of the round bong bottom used for the draw, but the drawer was instructed not to waste too much time fiddling with it and just pluck one if none fell through the joint.


Furthermore, don’t be too disappointed if you have not won, which is quite a lot of you, for this bong will not be the only fancy item to be given away in such circumstances. It’s a veritable holiday camp around here and we want to share that joy with everyone. Thank you for entering, especially you jokers who had so much less chance of winning than the others.

Thank you deeply, guys and girls and inbetweeners.



SPECIAL NOTICE FOR FORMER EDIT FORUM MEMBERS (especially BB Housemates):  There is going to be another draw to win a couple of consolation bongs (not Roors this time, but something nice enough) and former forum members (especially BB housemates) will be the only contenders. This is because I was secretly hoping an ex-housemate would win it, as it was one of them that was originally meant to, but I can’t fix the draw unfortunately (me mammy raised me right, you know. Sort of). However, I can make a draw for another nice prize that only you lot can enter. So, those that re-entered this one will already be in it, but if you want to let any others know that they will have a special giveaway for themselves, wherever they might be relaxing or having a chilled time, then get them to email the address and they too will find their names in the hat, or basket, or whatever I find lying around. Cheers former Editors. I leave you with a song especially for you lot…


  • NTrailZ

    Omg omg omfg I cannot believe it, I have actually won something since my premium bond win over 20years ago 😀

    Thank you so much EDIT, you have really made my year 🙂

  • Theo

    Grats NTrailZ. Wish it was one of the BB housemates though, good to hear that you guys will be doing something for us housemantes! Can’t wait!!

  • Alvin Olmos

    i wasn’t an old housemate but i was an old forum member but i doubt anyone remembers me on there i went by the name redsnake420

  • nick

    damn so many broken bongs…
    maybe you guys should open the contest to customers with order numbers like me who never signed up for the forum.

  • NTrailZ

    This will be my first Roor tube 😀

    Atm I only own a Weedstar Big Mama and an Ehle 250(with a Roor diffy). So I think it will be an amazing introduction. 🙂

    Thanks for the congratulations all, I will take very good care of it and it will get lots of use.

  • DrBengele

    lol, i fail, just checked the message i just wrote above.. seems like i’ve sent it too the wrong email, 2 times in a row, its missing a “e” XD

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