If you are in the market for an amazing handblown glass bong, then you should look no further than purchasing a Roor glass water pipe or an Ehle glass bong. But what is the difference between these two titans of the glass game? Some lifelong smokers via the message boards feel that “smoking weed is not a competition”, so deciding between these two fabulous bong companies shouldn’t be such trial or tribulation. But nevertheless, we will try to break it down for you as simply as possible.

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For starters, both Ehle and Roor are glass blowers based in beautiful Germany. German handmade glass has been quite the commodity for many a stoner since the early days of bong coveting in the late 1970s. Any glass on glass bong you buy or inherit should work up to snuff, but there are a few differences between these two titans of glass to be noted.

When you go to the car dealership, chances are you already have a budget in mind. If all you can afford is a Toyota with power nothing, chances are you won’t even take a quick look at the Lexus lot. Most critics will tell you that Roor bongs are overpriced and over hyped, but if baby wants a Lexus and can afford it, then you may as well spend some extra cash for the bells and whistles. The bells and whistles in this case being a larger name brand and a company backed with a slightly longer history.

It’s true that Ehle can be a much more budget friendly glass bong. Most smokers can’t tell the difference in blind smoke tests and even smoke shop connoisseurs are slow to call out major differences between the two brands. True haters have called Ehle water pipes the poor man’s Roor bong, but that’s a bit cruel don’t you think?


Main differences we here at headquarters have witnessed between the Ehle and the Roor are joint weld quality, straightness of base or foot, and lip construction uniformity. The joint weld quality can be important to the extremely picky. Although it won’t do much in terms of changing the quality of your smoke or session, having an uneven surface on your smooth glass can be annoying to some. Straightness of the base (also known as the foot) can be a factor in terms of having a leaning or uneven bong. And you would expect and want the lip of your bong to be flush and welcoming to your lips. Roor seems to cover all these bases flawlessly, but keep in mind that Ehle is definitely more wallet friendly.

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