This one is short, sweet and simple…

From today onwards, if you place an order over £50, post your name and order number on this blog, and you will be entered in a draw to win a RooR Custom!

That’s right, there is a “big boy bong” up for grabs! 🙂

This RooR Custom is an EDiT special, we have been working very closely with the guys from RooR to bring you the EDiT-RooR special 1-off piece!

(note: all order numbers on the previous thread will be counted)

204 thoughts on “ROOR BONG GIVEAWAY!”

  1. – Jaw drop.

    Awesome giveaway guys, might have to get in on this, when’s the deadline?

  2. ORDER# 1899646

    EDIT is the only site to buy your custom roors Hands Down.

    Thanks guys

  3. 1911731

    I never had a real bong before. Would be awesome to win 😀

    Sincerely, Lars.

  4. 1887712
    Just ordered my first bong & ashcatcher with my friend 🙂 We don’t have alot of money so were sharing out new piece, would be cool if we won another, so we’d have one each! haha 🙂 EDIT Seems like a cool site!

  5. If I win this bigboy he’s coming Amsterdam with me in July 😀
    Order Confirmation (01-080511-1914329)
    Robert Quinn

  6. Order number is 1907106. You can go ahead and just send it to me now, it’ll look good with my collection 🙂

  7. 1910342

    i was so stoked to recieve my new molino bubbler and spacecase grinder, but my freind tipped my biohazard and it broke along with the new carbon filter i bought:/ so i guess this is my only hope.

  8. Order number: 1822950

    My 2 foot weedstar that I got from you guys just shattered, so hopefully I can fill his spot with the roor.

  9. sam weeks, 1931021. big bong lover would be so hyped to have won a roor! what an awesome comp! thnx again guys

  10. Ashley O.
    Order number: 179532

    OMG! I’m so excited!! This would be so helpful since my BF broke 3x bongs(pure, roor, and a 20perc) nd 3x pipes in the last 3months!!!!

  11. Name: Joona Honkapuro
    Order: 1929629

    My first order. I hope my order arrives correctly and does not disappear. Love dat shop!

  12. Name : David Capper
    Order ID :1938716

    Having a RooR custom would be Awesomesauce

  13. I luv shopin here quality products at decent prices. It’s been a while since ive won anything and RooR is a high end product i wouldn’t mind owning.
    # 1922900

  14. hello brothers and sisters!!!
    my order number is 1950561…

    I have another order that I did on april which are not with me yet. The number is 1884602.

    Thank ya all…


  15. Order# 1965969

    Thanks for another great order EDIT. Keeping the munchies out of control.

  16. does it count if i’ve placed two orders since then ?

    name: cass ruiz
    order: 1890831 – May 14
    order: 1920385 – June 30

  17. this will automatically disqualify me but i dont care…chris clark already won. we all know this. it must be nice to have all kinds of money and be able to spend it. EDiT, you have been good to me during the only time i have been able to purchase a few things. as you know i have put the order number up and i still dont know when the “draw” is. give it away or not. thank you EDiT for my cheap Black Leaf and Weed-Star. they do work very well and i was completly suprised considering i live in the USA :(.

  18. their are also quite a few others that posted way more than once. thank-you dickheads, there are poor people trying to get something. this is a contest. post after me if you agree… @EDiT set your rules specifically, people are stupid.

  19. Yeah i would love to smoke out of a roor bong that would be DOPE! 😀
    dont have an order # but hope i win! 😀

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