Roor Ashcatcher / Custom Roor Logo Colours

Green Logo Roor Ashcatchers for the discerning bong connoisseur. These Roor pre-coolers (which they technically are, more than just ash-catchers, but we have always called them ashcatchers for some reason) usually come with either red or black logos to signify whether they are 3.2mm or 5mm thick (3.2mm being red).

In the EDIT Glass Bongs Emporium have a range of Custom Roor Ashcatchers with a variety of logo colours to suit your tastes, including the green beauty down below.

Other custom Roor colours include White Logo and Rasta Logo Roor Ashcatchers, plus there is the 5mm Flame Polish Logo Ashcatcher if you have a spare grandmother to sell.

Green Logo Roor Bong Ashcatcher

·         Roor Ashcatchers/Pre-Coolers 3.2mm – Green Logo

·         Roor Bong Ashcatcher 5mm – Green Logo

·         Roor Ashcatcher 3.2mm – Rasta Logo

·         Roor Bong Ashcatcher 5mm – Rasta Logo

·         Roor Ashcatcher 3.2mm – White Logo

·         Roor Bongs Ashcatcher 5mm – White Logo

·         Roor Bong Ashcatchers 5mm – Flame-Polish Logo

Rasta Logo Roor Bongs & Roor Bong Ashcatcher Range

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