The Roor Ashcatcher (or pre-cooler) is a three-piece miniature pipe that acts as an extra chamber to catch ash and other impurities, as well as passing the smoke through an extra pre-cooling water filter. Roor Ashcatchers keep the Roor bong itself clean and unblemished other than by watermarks. Roor Cleaner is recommended for cleaning a Roor Bong, or any glass item for that matter.

Roor Ashcatchers are available with glass thicknesses of 3.2mm and 5mm and usually come in both 14.5mm and 18.8mm joint sizes. Featured below is the Roor Ashcatcher 3.2mm – Red Logo which is complimented by a Roor Crown Bowl and a Roor Spiral Nebula Bowl.

Traditionally, 3.2mm glass will sport a Red Logo and 5mm glass a Black Logo (not counting Dealers Cups and Fairmasters which have their own particular colours). Another exception to the rule is the 3.2mm Little Sista, which has a Red outline to symbolize its 3.2mm glass thickness, but around a mostly White Logo –  a nod of the head to it being the ‘little sister’ of the white-logo’d Dealers Cup.

It does cost a little more to have the logo colour changed from the traditional rule, but it’s not too much now and we have a few different ones to choose from. It can be worth the little extra to perfectly match-up your Roor Ashcatcher with the logo from your Roor Bong. Available in the Roor Bongs section is a selection of custom-logo Roor Ashcatchers in a range of glass thicknesses and joint sizes. Look out also for Green Logo Ashcatchers coming soon.

Roor Ashcatcher 3.2mm in Roor Bong 3.2

Roor Ashcatcher 3.2mm in Roor Bong 3.2


Other Roor Ashcatchers:

·         Roor Ashcatcher 5mm – Black Logo

·         Roor Ashcatcher 5mm – White Logo

·         Roor Ashcatcher 5mm – Flame-Polish Logo

·         Roor Ashcatcher 5mm – Tri-Logo

·         Roor Ashcatcher 3.2mm – Tri-Logo

·         Coming Soon: 3.2mm Green Logo Roor Ashcatchers

·         Coming Soon: 3.2mm White Logo Roor Ashcatchers

·         Coming Soon: 5mm Green Logo Roor Ashcatchers

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