Roor Glass have added two terrific little bongs to their range of premium German produced glass. Utilising a thinner tube for a more intense and smaller hit these bongs really are a snappers delight, and perfect for the concentrates and waxes which seem to be dominating the glass scene at the minute.

By using a smaller diameter tube the smoke can be more intense and a little hotter, roor get around this by using an expansion chamber at the base of the pipe to allow for a dispersion of the smoke. Physics tells us that expanding a gas will make it lose heat. By using these expansion chambers and a combination of diffuser and coolant these brilliant pipes are just designed with the end user in mind. The perfect snapping tubes.

The aptly named Roor Snapper Glass Bong is hand crafted in their German Studios and comes with a diffuser downstem as standard. The tube design is classic roor, with the black logo and trademark squiggle you are getting a real premium piece of German engineering.

Roor Snapper Glass Bong

The Roor Bongs Tiny Sister uses the same diameter tubing but marries that with the beaker base we all love for maximum coolant of the smoke through the diffuser downstem which again unusually for roor are standard.

Roor Bong Tiny Sister

You will never buy a better quality product than Roor Bongs who over the years have won numerous cannabis cups and even been smoked by Olympians!



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