Rolling papers dip and rise in popularity among smokers. Some view it as the easiest way to roll up then spark one, but others are advocates for cleaner smoking styles. Since paper is made of crushed trees (wood) and other natural fibers like flax or even sometimes hemp, these materials also get combusted and inhaled.

Are rolling papers actually getting more popular? The answer is a loud and resounding “Yes!” With medical and recreational legalization sweeping the US and international world at large, the millions of newly legal smokers are going to be searching for ways to get their fixes. Papers are going to stay at the cream of this crop for sure.

Celebrities and artists are dipping their toes in the rolling paper lake, with endorsements and designated products galore. Rapper Wiz Khalifa has an entire line of his own products and accessories as well as putting his signature on a batch collection of Shine Rolling Papers.


Shine Rolling Papers have the distinct honor of being the most sparkly and rich papers in the game. Edible 24-carat gold transforms what could be regular rolling papers into fabulous and shiny gold wraps. As you smoke the gold and paper disappears to ash, with no evidence of your decadent sesh.


Juicy Jay’s Rolling Papers have been popular for almost two whole decades. Boasting fruity flavors and some irregular niche ones as well, Juicy Jays can enhance your smoking session with full and tasty puffs.


Raw Rolling papers are an all-natural alternative to the previous bells and whistles joints we just spoke about. Made with unbleached and nontoxic materials, enjoy a breath of fresh and environmentally friendly smoke.

No matter how you choose to use rolling papers, you have a plethora of options. From flavored to gold enhanced, make your smoking experience one to remember… even if its faintly.

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