Red Star Herbal Incense is an excellent new herbal incense blend from the Hemp Aroma Blends range. Burn the herbs to release the invigorating hemp fragrance. This mixture contains a blend of the finest aromatic herbs from around the world. The aroma is supplied by UK home office certified cultivation and conforms to all UK and EU regulations. I personally have no idea what that means.

Despite my ignorance, you are welcome to try a 3g sample of this new herbal incense blend if you post an old EDIT order number on this page before everybody else (be sure to mention if the delivery address has changed from it). I only have about 8 sample packs so it will be first come, first served and I’m pretty ruthless like that.

I will keep a close eye on this page and close it to new comments once the allocation has been allocated to the allocatees. I’m not really going to keep a close eye on it. In fact, I’m going to fuck off for a while and enjoy the sunshine outside. Did I say eight sample packs? I may have meant seven….


8 Samples of Red Star Herbal Incense to be claimed...
8 Samples of Red Star Herbal Incense to be claimed…



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