Got Some Red Eye!

Recently we had the great pleasure to meet a few of the awesome guys from Red Eye Glass.

After a bit of banter we got down to business, and it really opened our eyes…

…These guys are full of character and this is very well represented in the great line of products they have sent us.

If you browse the massive range we now stock, you can see we have everything from Red Eye Pinwheel Glass Pipes to their super cool LED Zong Glass Bongs… and who could forget ‘Geoff’ – The Alien Pipe.

This great range of glass focuses on quality glass while still taking into account affordability, and these guys have got something for everyone, whether you like glass pipes, glass bongs or even something a bit more obscure… Ya’ll are catered for!

So come and check it out, right here @ EveryoneDoesIt.com… proud to provide the EDIT faithful with real Red Eye Glass.

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  • Semaj

    If I was wanting to get the 675-WD of 677-WD from the redeye sitewould I be able to get that through your site? I can only find one site with them and I feel kinda sketched out by them and I already know I can trust your site. Please let me know yes or no, thans greatly

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