The Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette Kit comes with 4 cartridges of nicotine and a charger that can be used in a USB port and charged over 300 times.

These latest generation Electronic Cigarettes are set to be very popular, especially as in theory you can use them inside pubs and clubs, though the landlord might require a little explanation first.

This Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette works by vapourising nicotine into a liquid vapour which is delivered to the lungs when you inhale. They can be used as a way of weaning addiction to cigarettes by stepping down the strength of the cartridges used.

Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette Kit Includes:

·         2 x Heating-Element ‘Cigarette’ tubes

·         4 x Nicotine Cartridges

·         1 x USB Charger

·         1 x Storage Box

Winning Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette

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