Rasta Roor Bong 500 Winner!

Thank you everyone who entered – it’s been an insightful giveaway, I’ll say that much. It wasn’t meant to go on this long but there were some factors beyond my control. So I have done the draw as simply as I could considering how many of you there are. Please note that I do intend to get better at this when time allows in the future.

Due to the number of entrants and me being on my todd, this draw has taken place in two parts. Also, there are three Runners-Up prizes which you can see in the second video.

Your Rasta Roor Bong winner is: Dingleberry

Your Runners Up Are: Ville, Vincent and Petter

Emails are being sent to you this morning.




Everybody had a number from 1 to 801 (so don’t worry if you see people with the same name as you as I know exactly who is what and where). The numbers were then grouped together in batches of about 30. The first video is to decide which batch of numbers goes through to the final draw which takes place in the second video.

Preliminary Round to Decide Who Goes Through to the Final Round in the Second Video Below:

Winner & Runners-Up

PiccassTheo Strikes Again

23 thoughts on “Rasta Roor Bong 500 Winner!”

  1. aaaah I was in the 30 T_T I was so much hoping of at least getting the last pipe ! Anyway… better chance next time, and thanks EDIT for all of this! I was very exited to know if I was a winner or not haha =P

  2. These little giveaways are awesome and they keep me coming back everyday. They are a little spice in everyday life.

  3. You will be emailed dude. Then it’s just a case of letting us know where you want the prize delivered.

  4. Cheers guys and grrls. I know it wasn’t the best way to sort it out this time, but we do have another to give away next week, so we will be a little more prepared for it. There should be an announcement about the new Roor giveaway by Friday or Saturday.

  5. I tried doing that before and about three former housemates got in touch! people move on, I guess.

    Keep up these lovely illustrations and I may find my way clear to hosting a Theo-only giveaway. You’ll still have to win it though – no freebies round here. Well, a few.

  6. I think the giveaway should be a scrapbook of all my amazing, beautiful, and outstanding drawings of all the giveaways after a few months. I think I would be the only person to enter that one! Haha. Keep up the contests, they keep me interested and make me stay in touch with EDIT more since the forums are gone 🙂

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