10 thoughts on “Rasta RooR Bong 500 Winner!”

  1. Definitely your best way of figuring out the winner yet. Dare I say it, even better than the drumstick of glory!!

    Congrats Billy, enjoy it!

  2. right on billy.

    dude i think the extension fucked up everyoes chances!!!

    i like the way it was drawn last time.

  3. yea that draw was really whack but what can you do. hit that bong for us bill when you get it

  4. hopefully billy is a regular EDIT customer and not some random person who found this website trying to get free stuff. congrats.

  5. Gotta join Theo on this one, this was deffinatly the most brilliant way of drawing the winner yet..

    Congrats Billy the Shoe.

    Kind Regards,
    Dr. Bengele

  6. I know that they are giving away bongs for free but having this many entrants is crazy. I felt like I actually had a chance to win something before. I hope future drawing will require membership or previous purchases from EDIT. Congrats Billy!

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