That’s right ladies and gentlemen, for a second time were going to give away the new Rasta RooR Bong 500.

All you need to do to enter is leave a comment on this part of the blog telling me what your all time favourite bong is, that’s it.

All the names will be put in to a prize draw on Friday 03/07/2009 and the winner will be announced that evening.

For those of you that weren’t here for the last Rasta RooR Bong give away here’s a little information about this special piece.

This Roor Bong 500 has a special Rasta Logo – three colours in one – and is made to the same exacting standards as all Roor bongs.

They only use the purest, highest-quality borosilicate glass and are renowned by glass connoisseurs the world over for their workmanship.

This 500ml Roor Bong has 3mm thick glass and is available with either 14.5 or 18.8 joint sizes. It is a much more affordable variety of Roor Bong, with none of the quality sacrificed.

For reliability, stability, extreme quality and unrivalled functionality, you cannot improve on German-made Roor bongs.


Glass Thickness:

Joint Sizes:
14.5 or 18.8

Ideal Downtube/Diffuser Length:
12cm approx.

Free Roor Glass Gauze with Every Roor Bong




  • HerbalSam

    My all time favourite bong just has to be the one my friend gave me 3 years ago before he moved to indonesia…
    Its a home-made bong from pipe tools, and a coke bottle, but damn does it do the job, but I can only imagine how that rastabong would do the work 😐 it looks insane!!!

  • Dym

    My all time favorite bong is the new glass bong that I bought here, like 2-3 weeks ago. But… this one can become my favorite haha 🙂

  • hellboar

    Roor Zumo’s. 29mm joint is a must for me. The custom Dealer’s Cups with 29mm joints seem awesome too, though i’ve only “heard” of them.

  • Shea McNamara

    During my very short smoking career (it’ll be a year since the first toke in October) I can guesstimate I’ve taken around 12 bong rips. Neither my friends or I own a bong so that’s why it’s such a small number. Whenever we feel like enjoying our smoke through a bong we’ll construct a grav bong out of whatever 2 liter bottle is around. I kept the last grav I made and nicknamed it the “Hoover god-DAMN” so that would be my favorite bong at the moment. I’d love to have this awesome Rasta ROOR to enjoy with my friends. It would go nice with my sweet ROOR steamroller and Rasta themed pipe my best friend brought back from Aruba. Cheers!

  • Nicole papadakis

    My favorite bong is the roor black widow which I purchased from your site about a year ago

  • Brandyn

    my all time favorite bong would have to be my friends green label roor beaker. While its not very big it definitely gets the job done and after hitting much larger bongs its easy to double and even triple hit it

  • Joe Beckman

    My favorite bong was my 1st one.A foot long see through blue one with really nice crystal patterns on it.But i dont have it anymore and I’m looking for a even nicer one,and that ROOR looks like a awesome piece to use.

  • Erik

    My friend brandon so far is the best bong I’ve seen. Its a local piece of glass, its really sick. Its blue and green, about 5mm thick, 18.8 sized joint and slide bowl.

  • Stanley

    My first ever bong! Big blue I called him, picked him up in a pound shop but it actually cost 5 pound! Still cheap 🙂

  • Blake

    The first bong I bought is a 2 foot double percolated beaker. It is green glass except the clear percolated section. Easily my favorite tube, I can’t wait to take some tokes tonight after my 2 week vacation.

  • snapplecap420

    I’d have to say my favorite is the RooR 5-arm zumini, hits nice and smooth, and it’s conveniently sized.

  • Nioclás

    My favourite bong of all time is a toro 13/17 arm fixed stem with both domes worked in fire and ice, another favourite of mine is the roor zumo “the bastard” what a sexy black bong, id love this roor rasta, its a great little bong

  • vic

    I really like the Roor green goblin I gave to my friend as it’s the only quality bong i’ve ever tried

    I think illadeplh also has some pretty cool looking tubes but I’m sold to roor 🙂

  • Alex

    My first! Gifted to me by an old friend. That said, in years of smoking I’ve somehow managed to have never actually used an expensive bong!

  • Duncan

    I think i have to say that nothing hits the spot better than my meter long bad boy what it lacks in girth it makes up for in length (or so i always like to think) best bong every forces you to incinerate every last bit of ‘tobacco’ and take deep into those bronchial features…. gigidy! special features: being so long that your friend has to light it for it for you…. xox

  • Jay

    My all time fave was the 18″ Graffix I had in 1998. My current favorite is the handmade traditional Chinese bamboo one I bought a few days ago. This Roor would be the most refined bong I’ve ever owned. I’ve only ever seen them in shops, so it would be great to have one all of my own!

  • Rosie

    i couldn’t say exactly how many hits on a bong i’ve had over my life, but it is a fair dam few! i definitely wouldn’t mind creaming this one up!

  • Robly


    need I say more?

    I’m not sure that if I ever got my hands on it I could possibly smoke it! More of a mantlepiece artifact. I’d like it if that bong was a runner-up prize 🙂

  • Voltron

    My current favorite bong is a bong i made out of a graduated cylender and some cheap diffusers and a cheap ash catcher i had. hits wickedly. i want a roor so badly so hopefully i win this 🙂

  • Fraser

    Tall straight tubed EHLE’s with a nice pre-cooler & ice catchers, was my first GonG and will always be my favourite, it gave me a whole new lease on smoking after being a daily smoker for many years. Coming in a close second is definitely my newest addition – a RooR standard 3 piece cylinder.

  • Douglas Kelley

    My favorite bong would have to be my first bong, as it introduced me to the joy that bongs bring. It was great… until my mom found it and smashed it to tiny pieces.

  • TJ Schoenle

    How any bong hits have I ever taken? uhmmmm I’d say around 50 total. I’ve never hi aRoor bong that I know of, my favourite bong ever was this chameleon glass bong, about 2.5 feet tall. Glass. Had this sort of kink in it right before the base that we kinda used as a handle. It was all sorts of cool colours by the time I got to use it, and it had green and yellow squiggly lines all over it. I think the thing that sticks out most to me is that my buddy took me into his back room after we all smoked and packed it full just for me. All I could think of was the saying ” a friend with smoke, is a friend that may smoke.” haha best night of smoking ever.

  • Mark.H

    No. 1 by far on my list is the RooR Ziggy Custom, a gift from my long distance friend. This beauty has definitely brought many good times to me and my pals. More importantly, it reminds us of the Marley message of love for all fellow man.


  • My favorite bong of all time?

    I have only had one really bad ass bong so far.

    Medicali Beaker style 18″

    4 way percolator and a dome percolator

    She was broke 2 months ago 🙁
    Soo I am with out a water pipe 🙁

    I have never had the pleasure of hitting a ROOR

    Hopefully I win and get to hit my own!!!

  • Bill

    My favourite bongs are the ones I made myself many years ago. Bizarre looking multi-chamber bongs made from old marmite jars, rubber tubing from bunsen burners, blue tack, and bic pens. I was like the “MacGuyver smoker” from the movie Half Baked.

    Sure, they were nowhere near as nice as a Roor – or any glass bong, for that matter – but they pleased me because they were the result of my own effort and creativity.

  • Derek Hughes

    my favorite would be the G-Spot Inner-Cool System Bong 3.5, but this bong sure looks like it could come in at a very close second..

  • spacemonkeyz

    my friend has this ill bong named the green lantern. idk where he got it but its green and 2 feet long

  • rat crips

    Black Leaf Glass Bong – Golden Dragon Series. my friend won it in one of these drawings and its mad stylish

  • hip shooter

    i have a blue bong called che cause it has this ill picture of che gevara. i guess its my fav

  • BlueberryJoJo

    My all time favorite is the Roor Bong Custom Icemaster 7mm – Phantasm. With it’s exquisite design and etched features it is by far one of the best looking bongs I’ve ever seen. As an added bonus, it’s an Ice-Catcher/Water bong, meaning you barely feel the smoke! It’s, in my opinion, the best bong for your health.

    This bong can be found here:

  • redbull cola lover

    lol this is pretty stupid but i have a business where i make bongs out of household vases with a glass cutter. i have one thats very dear to me but its not named

  • dana far

    heres the thing. rastas all the way!! i have no idea what the specific name is but i have had the best times with htem

  • Fairy Okland

    ha i have a bong named kingsly like that guy from harry potter. its mad crappy butits my fav

  • count omar

    squeeee. i used to have a blue acrylic bong but it leaked. it was dear to me.

    RIP Claire

    i will name this bong claire if i win

  • wild metal country

    gotta get git.

    gotta get git.

    gotta get get boom boom booom

    i have an older roor bong in the blue series

  • Ronny

    I never used a bong but I think the best looking bong is the ROOR bong Little Sisata Red Baron. Man I want to win badly.

  • Danny

    Out of all the bongs i have ever smoked…
    the ROOR Lion of Judah is the king of kings.

    BIG UP!

  • Alvin

    My ALL Time favorite bong would have to be my Local Blown Blue Meanie Bong it has a nice milli on the side with a skull in the middle of it

  • BlueNinja

    My first and fav bong was a clear recliner I got for my birthday. I loved it till it broke.

  • Jake Smith

    Hmm, honestly it would have to be the ROOR Lil Sista, they just are the perfect size and have such a good hit!

  • blkmmba

    ANY tilt neck ROOR. but my absolute favorite is the US rasta Roor tilt neck. Id be more than happy with this Roor though. 🙂

  • Tom Stefanowicz

    My all time favorite bong is the 5mm RooR with the gold coloring around the middle, I’ll be honest, I am yet to smoke out of a roor simply cuz I don’t have enough dough! I do like the new additions that weed star have been bringing out and have a few of those, not quite roor quality but kind to the walet! Keep tokin!

  • Doug Henslee

    I think that Roor was and always will be the greatest ground breaking glass on glass bong ever. I’ve been medicating for 11 years now and will continue for as long as I live.

  • Eddie Gonzalez

    I have to say that so far my favorite bong is a simple “Heavy” bong that I picked up in Austin, Texas last year. The bong it self is similar to the RooR one in this giveaway. I have tried many bongs, including ones with perculators and this straight, simple style is the style for me. They hit just so big but with the right attachments, so smooth as well. When I purchased my Blue Dot for a measly 140 U.S. Dollars it was nothing special at all. However, a local glass blowing shop “The Glassy Knoll” was just a few blocks away. I took my bong to them and they turned my standard 14.5 GonG downstem (non diffused) into a custom blown diffuser. They lengthened the stem to where it was the perfect length since it was initially too short, sealed it, and pierced it with 12 holes. The ice holder that was initially blown into the bong was practically not an ice holder at all as the glass was pushed in just ever so slightly. The ice would fall through after one or two hits. To fix this problem I went to a local toy store, Toy Joy, and purchased a fake ice cube. After putting it in the bong to act as an un-meltable (is that a word?) ice-holder, it got stuck inside because of some indentations in the companies logo in the glass. It has been permanently stuck in there for over a year as I fear I could break something forcing it out. However, it looks really cool. Eventually I ordered a ROOR carbon filter, and some ROOR diffuser beads. The carbon filter enhanced the hits of the bong so much that I no longer use ice. I actually just recently picked up a couple more of those fake ice cubes which I use to smoke with. I put them in the freezer for a few hours, then put them when im going to smoke and they never melt, yet they look real. Long story short, a simple cheap bong was made into a truly unique piece with the help of a local glass blower, a fortunate mishap, and a couple of ROOR products.

    I love this style of bong but I have never hit an actual German ROOR one.
    To win this ROOR would truly be awesome.

    Im a huge fan of the hexagonical guilded base too, makes this bong just that much more worth drooling over!

  • Danny

    My favorite “water pipe” is a piece I purchased from this website. A nifty little piece called a SpotOn only $30, including shipping. Unfortunately being a glass piece it broke quite easily while I was trying to put some ice cubes in it. : ( I’ve switched to my old bubbler in the mean time, however a new RooR piece would be quite nice to replace this old bubbler.

  • Comet

    I think if I go with any bong it would have to be the Roor Custom Little Sista 7mm – Editor Special. Now if we have to stay in the realm of reality it would be the Roor Custom Fairmaster 5.0 – Red Vengeance. If limited to ones I own it would be the Roor Custom Little Sista 7mm – Mirage.


  • Jakob

    My favorite bong is the only one I have ever smoked; a cheap acrylic one I bought in Stockholm some years back. This RooR would obviously take its place in an instant…

  • Darren

    I have to agree with a couple of other posts and say the ROOR lil sista, very smooth, but im sure me and Rasta ROOR could become quite close with a little bonding time 😉

  • Stephen

    Well I’d have to say my favourite bong would be my 2ft long blown glass bong, with blue and green swirly colours. Its so god damn powerful!

  • Treb

    My favorite bong is the ROOR Mini 5-arm tree perc w/ beaker bottom. Pretty much my dream piece.

  • Amit

    Nice lil acrylic Mr. Black, from the killer bong range, nice all rounder, excellent price, for an excellnt bong.

  • roormaster

    My favorite bong would by my 9.0mm Crown beaker with a diffuser and custom bowl piece. Nothing beats that 9.0!

  • Jen

    As I said before it’s the RooR Big Brother – I will own one someday! Gorgeous bong 🙂 also love the Terminator!

    The Rasta Logo is lovely 🙂

    Good luck!

  • Wyatt

    My all time favorite bong would have to be my roor little sista
    Hits smooth…
    Glass on glass makes a difference
    I could always use another one 🙂

  • Chinsky

    My favorite bong would be my friends
    Her name is aurora, and i believe it is made by a company called lit.
    It has lights to illuminate the smoke, ice pinches, and a fat bowl and ashcatcher.
    No math for the roor 500 in RASTA colours none the less

  • Paula

    It would have to be big yellow an acrylic beauty oh and pinkie my fine flowered friend !!!!!!

  • Anubis386

    Hmmmmm .. My favourite bong would have to be my Ehle 1000ML Bubble Bong + Pre-Cooler + 2x Diffusers + Turbo-cap 😛 .. Which i’ve got called Magical Trevor .. Although when I get my roor, things might change 😛 .. O yeh, n this give away ends on my birthday 😀

  • Gareth stacey

    My favorite bong has got to be my friends basil bush one as the name allways gives me a good chukle 😀 I have wanted a roor one for ages but havnt had the money to spare at the mo but I might av to make some to spare for this 1 🙂 well unless I win 😀 I wouldn’t know how many hits on bong I’ve had lol but never a hit on a roor 🙁

  • architect

    my favourite bong has gotta be the roor lion of judah custom dealers cup

    cheers for another chance to win a great bong guys

  • ZeroCool

    My Favorite is my beaker bottom illadelph blue label 14.4 mm joint diffused downstem I actually just cleaned it about 30 minutes ago. ^_^

  • Stylo

    My favourite bong is the one my friend made on one party, never seeing bong before. Made out of plastic bottle with cut out bottom, it had little glass pipe sticking out the little hole on one side, which you had to hold gently all the time. To take a hit, you must have go down on your knees before bath, filled with water and then soaking your elbows in water tried to light it up and inhale. This Roor one looks definatelly more workable. And propably don’t need whole bath of water too.

  • Hamboy

    My favourite is a little glass bong I bought down the local shop. Nothing compared to the beautiful Roor but it’s served me well and gives a face full of smoke.

  • Appropriate Hell

    My friend has a bong like this, and it’s magnificent.
    Out of the motley collection of pipes and things we have, it is the king.
    I am jealous. u_u

  • T.H.Tommo

    My favourite bong had to be the 4-way party piece I bought from this site. It was a nice toking bong which you can use on your own or with 3 mates, legendary. Only cost £20 I think and we had so many good times using it which I think really made it a special bong. all the memories of those wicked smoke-ups : )

    unfortunately this has now been taken away and destroyed by the fuzz so I could do with something nice to replace it : ) lol

    Cheers guys. T.H.T

  • Timbollew

    To be honest I’ve only just started hitting bongs, I used to just smoke J’s, so I’d have to say my favourite is my current yellow black leaf bong with an ice twist, this was bought from EDIT and has changed my smoking habits forever! 😀

  • Richard Engler

    My favorite bong was an Elephant head with his mouth as a bowl,his trunk as a mouthpiece,and one of his eyes as a shotgun hole! This brings back memories of my Ex throwing it at me and smashing it in a million pieces against the wall! I have never had a good one since I threw her out of the house! Yours would have a place of honor on my wall shelf at my house MINUS the Ex,so it would be nice and safe! Thanks for reading my sad story! Rick Engler

  • ambi_D

    A friend had this old wooden bong from Africa that we called MrBendy. One hit of MrBendy and you were guaranteed to be staring into space for a good couple of hours!

  • Ollie

    My favourite bong was the first bong I had, given to me by my step-dad.
    A glass bong with the base shaped fist, but with the finger & thumb grooves dipping inwards. The rush hole was at the back within the thumb groove & the neck came off at a shallow angle, so you could literally smoke it having you hands in your lap.

  • Jenn

    Uhmm well currently my favourite bong is a blue and white swirly blown glass bong with graduated coloring.

  • Pontus J

    My favorite one is my old simple gravity bong that I made from a chiquitabottle 😀 The sad part is that I misplaced it a few weeks back and now I can’t find it : (

  • Telsaleh

    Favourite bong is my ZOOM acrylic bong which was see through with a tinge of purple when you held in sunlight.

  • Zoomj

    My favortite bong was my old Killer Bong Tabletop 40 untill it vanished 🙁 (Miss you killer:(!!) Ooohh from the Roor selection it’d have to be Roor Bong – Behemoth!

    Mmm sexy bong

    Zoomj xx

  • Rekyoh

    I dont have a favorite bong, i just love them all.
    and im in luv with this RooR, i hope i’ve luck.

  • Arthur B

    my favorite bong has to be a hurricane, the way the smoke makes a cyclone is just awesome. i doubt i will ever scrape enough money to buy one though 🙁

  • alix harris

    My favourite bong in the world was my boyfriends who i accidently broke last year and have never been able to find the same one online. After months he finally forgave me but i would love this opportunity to finally give him a new roor bong as i could never afford another one!



  • Lara

    Why, why, why have I never owned a bong? Why am I bongless? This situation must be rectified immediately, well soon-ish anyway.

    Ah…To err is human, but this Rasta Roor Bong 500 is devine.

  • peter green

    My favourite bong i receivedon my 21st birthday from my girlfriend, only lasting 3months until she knocked it over and smashed it! It had light blue roor writing and i have been unable to find it online since.


  • Markus

    Roor looks like a really nice bong, I still haven’t tried one. Hopefully I will soon… 😉 Peace

  • Tia

    My favorite bong is the Roor ‘Lil Sista with the Ice Notches…also helps that I’m a Sista 😉

  • Cillo

    My fav bong ever is the RooR Zumo, had a go of one once and im hooked 😛
    Dont have a personal bong, just pipes. Hoping to make this one the first 😉

  • dazhhhhh

    mine was a glass spot on bong with 2 bowls on it,the hit was great,but my mate broke it last week after being on holiday he came round all excited cos not had any ,cought it on cupboard door ITS NO MORE,nearly had it a year bought it with missus 1st wedding i have a ROOR jamaican icemaster one of freinds WHITE couple weks ago he now FRIGHTEND of it so this is my bestest bong by far.them rastas are SWEEEEEEEEEEEEET.

  • SpiritualHerbalist

    🙂 Id have to say that Roors Lion of Judah is my alltime favorite bong. design ways that is, and for my alltime favorite bong “For the smoke capacity and smoothness” is a bushmaster wich had a chamber on the neck were you could put liquid, “Glycol” and freez it down abit 😀 my friend had added a diffuser and ashcather on it and its a real nice one hitter :).

  • Jan

    My favorite bong must be the Snob bong Coloured Spoiled snob with the triple perc and ice notches! The best hit i’ve ever had!

  • Minime

    I have mini glassbong and its not so cool so i need this! 😉 i want this.I will take good care of it 😀

  • lisahhhhh

    my favorite is the little molino one from edit,it fitts in my bag can take it fella would do anything for me if i won this.

  • andy

    To tell the truth Im new to bong smoking.Before I smoked only joints,until I met my new girl friend.Now I cant get enough of the funkey stuff.I would love to own my own bong some day.( And I will,hopefuly a rasta roor bong 500.Keep up the good service and products

  • Kevin

    My favourite bong I have ever owned is the GSpot Gold Series with diffuser… then my mate knocked it over when he was drunk. Bah.

  • michal r

    my favorite bong is my roor 5mm icemaster with the huge blasted logo. it hits like a champ and looks like a princess doing it.

  • rhys amos

    i think that the best bong that ive ever seen in my life is the(roor custom bong little sister 7mm editor special)so lush if i had the money i would buy this strait away but at the present time i am using a killer ak47 bong which does the trick by blowing your mind apart like

  • Blindet

    I kinda like my Weedstar seven-eleven ICE, its the best bong i ever used.

    But the one i would love to have is Ehleminator. It is so massive, that its like using a nuclear missile for store-robbery.

  • Hamish Shearer

    My all time favourite bong was one I made from a 2 litre juice bottle ,rubber pipes from a motorcycle fueltank ( gave them a good wash out first ) and heavy duty washers with tin foil for a bowl,one hit of that bong knocked you on your butt , I should have patented the design.

  • Matthew

    the maddest wasn’t a fancy bong for me, it was a 4-hose hookah bong my mate got from here. (Y)
    obviously wiping this RooR Rasta bong out would make people go mental (;

  • James

    Last week i bought a black leaf tilted bong from EDIT, its the best bong hit ive ever had in my life, ive had some stuck to the couch moments with that one ;D

  • Tripp

    My all time favourite would have to be a bong my mate and I made years and years ago… two chambers, rubber joining tube painted as a snake, metal bowl, the rest decorated with purple/blue bubbly water and stars rising up turning into smoke at the top. Smoothest hit we ever did have (:

  • Jonny

    My best bong was one i made out of 3 bottles of diff size. Took me ages to fit the chambers properly and make it completely sealed but once it was finished i thought id died and gone to heaven! The hit was smooth and creamy and it blew my face off lol. Good times!

  • Valderama

    For me it was my Roor Lil Sista 5.0 until I knocked it off of my mantle and smashed it, now its one from Phatglass which is no where near as good. That was a very sad day indeed…

  • Kim B.

    As I am relatively new with bongs, I haven’t had the opportunity to try out many at all. But amongst the ones I have tried, I like the acrylic 2ft bubble bong (since that model is very common with my friends, I have to chose between a smaller glass bong vs. a bigger plastic bong. Where the big one wins, because thats how I like it. Big).


  • Mikael

    My favorite bong would have to be our little glass bong here down under ^^
    This would be awesome tho 🙂

  • Mike'RU!

    To be honest, my favorite bong is a bong packed with some miscellaneous ‘erbs. But if I had to be picky… The Roor Bong Custom Little Sista 7mm – Editor Special would be my weapon of choice – not that I could ever afford it.

  • Moejo

    My Favorite bong was my first bong, which was an 18 inch bong with a clear glass tube but a blue patterned opaque bubbled base. she was a mid sized bong, but she hit like a woman scorned, which is why i named her “Devil in a Blue Dress”.What a beauty, may she rest in peace..

  • Kyle

    I’m liking my Roor Big Brother with ash catcher plenty but this would be a beautiful addition indeed!

  • Sacagood

    My favourite bong has to be the little sister EDITOR ESPECIAL, man I’m in love of that bong

  • Liv Høegh

    my favorite bong is my medium sized weedstar bong! its not too small nor too big! its easy to clean, and delivers the smoke cooled and compact! its an all-time favorite!

  • My favorite bong was my molino mad scientist. It had a perc and it ripped my face off. I blazed non-stop out of it up till about 2 weeks ago when I broke it. This Rasta Roor would be a great replacement.

  • Matt Redmer

    My favorite bong has to be my twin perc roor with diffuser and perc ashcatcher and charcoal filter……hits like air smooth not to much drag. Clean all around smoke at its best!!

  • Adam

    My all time favourite bong was a handblown, beautiful blue and green glass piece brought in Nuwakot in Nepal. The guy blew it right in front of me and the glass chamber spiralled around itself making the smoke whirlwind up.
    I’ve never even seen a roor bong, but the nepalese make pretty great pieces
    sadly my friend smashed it last month

  • Marty

    My favorite bong, is my unbranded glass bubble bong. Got it a while ago as my first proper bong for about £20. Has served my well through the times, as it was the first bong i ever bought, and still until recently got used regularly! Hits so easily and is so smooth! Unfortunatly as i am a naughty boy it is currently down the local rozzer HQ 🙁

  • Carter

    Any bong apart from the ones we get :(….seriously though roor dealers cup white lines….beautiful

  • Japanaman

    My favorite bong is my green and black 1 1/2′ piece. I’ve yet to have the elite quality bongs cause i didn’t have my own place but now it would be great. I’ve had probably around 700 bong hits in my life, and have yet to hit a ROOR!!! :'(. Sad, but the good people at EDIT can fix that!

  • Dave Agaric

    Hmm, favourite bong, anything loaded that comes my way, I’d say. An ice twist is always appreciated though.

  • Eddie

    I love my Pure. 9mm glass, Illadelph precooler/ash catcher, Roor Carbon Filter, Molino Bowl. Smoooooooooth hits.

  • Kristmann Magnusson

    Hm… Favourite bong…

    Well, I recently made 2 purchases which I am extremely happy with 🙂

    Its the Small Summer Bong ( /online_headshop/Festival_Glass_Bong__Small_Summer_Bong.cfm?iProductID=6738 )
    and the
    Large Summer Bong ( /online_headshop/Festival_Glass_Summer_Bong.cfm?iProductID=6737 )

    The small one supplies you with a decent hit & looks superb
    While the large one gives you a great hit & looks even more amazing 😀

    Although I must admit, they are not my favorite bongs of all times.
    They have their down sides, such as being colored glass so you can’t actually see how much water is in it until the water gets pretty dirty & smelly. Although I try to clean them after every single session.
    And the bowl / downpipe isn’t even an 14.5 ( As far as I know at least, here it is /online_headshop/Festival_Glass_Replacement_Downpipe.cfm?iProductID=3597 ) )
    So the bowl doesn’t take nearly as much as I’d of hoped. Only is a single good hit, or two smaller hits.
    The grip is perfect on the bong however, perfect to accompany its weight, which is considerable ( 2200 Grams, compared to this Rasta which is 600 grams and the Summer bong is only 2 cm’s taller ).
    Its still a splendid bong, but not my favorite.

    My all time favorite bong, is surprisingly. This one;
    The Art Glass Bong 18.8 – Ice Twist ( /online_headshop/Art_Glass_Bong__2Piece_Ice_Twist_188.cfm?iProductID=4673 )
    It only survived for a few days unfortunately due to an accident. But it was a real knock out. I can’t even describe how good it was. ( I strongly advice buying it if you have ever considered doing so. Its cheap, insanely effective & overall a great purchase…. be careful of heights however… )

    Due to this accident, I am currently without a everyday bong – With the summer bongs being way too fancy for everyday usage, and my old bongs being too small for my liking. Ill put my faith & hope in this Give Away and hopefully, although I may not have much of a chance. Hopefully ill have the perfect answer. A Roor Bong 😀

    Sorry for rambling on, but I hope I have supplied you with a good read ( if not, Sorry again ) and I just want to wish everyone the best of luck in this Give Away and whoever wins – Toke Away friend 🙂

    -Kristmann, Iceland

  • Steve

    My Favorite Bong is my ceramic “People Pipe” circa 1977. It is still going strong after 30+ years and, sorry to say, it sorta looks like me.

  • My favourite bong… There are so many! Pretty much any bong that is glass, and either really colourful, psychedelic and quirkily shaped, or has induced me into 40 minute fits of giggles regardless of shape or colour! My good friends old unbranded, big bubble base glass one from camden has always stuck in my mind… may it rest in pieces! Anything with a diffuser…the more filters for a bigger toke the better!

    Stay high!

  • I’ve never owned a RooR but my favorite has always been the little sista.
    Reminds me of being a scientist.Although I’m really into the rasta series now!!!

  • Dr. Bengele

    The Bushmaster Cyclone, allthough, i’ve never tryed the Hurricane, if i had, that proberly be it…

  • Jbob

    My favorite bong that I’ve ever used was a locally made piece that was over 4 feet tall, GoG, with 4 percs. Besides having to have someone light your hit for you each time, that thing was just outrageous to smoke from, and really destroyed me. The only one I’ve owned was my GoG Graffix with an ice catcher which pretty nice, but is now smashed in a billion pieces and gone.

  • ElectroNauT

    My favourite bong I own is a 500ml EHLE. I think my favourite bong though is definitely the Red Vengeance here /online_headshop/Ice_FairmasterYellow3_Part.cfm?iProductID=4007

  • oliver elliott

    well to be honest my favourite bong is a twist roor bong
    omg there amazing!
    i had one of the new rasta bongs but it smashed 🙁 so hopefully i will win and get this one
    thanks again guys
    x oli

  • KaseyD

    My favorite is the the Roor bong custom little sista 7mm- editor special!! It is so gorgeous and I love the gold leaves!!!!

  • Michael Zwerin

    I own several Bongs, I own an A.D.S. with a Treestem Perc. I own a Zong. and a Weed Star- Mr. Li with some attachments on it.

    My all time favorite is Zong. Its a Big HUGE hit that gets everyone SMASHED!

  • Jonas S

    My favourite bong is the bong I’m going to win.
    I also like the generic glass bong I bought from EDIT a few years ago.
    It isn’t the prettiest or coolest bong ever but it gets the job done. 😉

  • Larty Farty

    My all time favourite bong is my first one. Acrylic, quite ugly but it has done it’s job over the years nicely and is still working just as new after four years. There’s just so many nice and even nicer memories related to it.

  • Nick F

    My favorite is my Custom Lil Sista I bought here on EDIT. It delivers a huge hit, which goes in easy cause of the ice.

  • Wheebz

    My favorite bong that I have ever smoked out of is my Mad Professor. I picked it up about 6 months ago and I have used it every day since then. I have never had the opportunity to smoke out of a Roor unfortunately, but I hear there is no comparison to quality.



  • MigUel MorALes AKA OGKUSh86

    my all time all time favourite bong is the Weed Star Messias Illusion Ice with the double percs.

  • Hamburlgar

    Personal favorite? It had to be my Double-stemless Timbo tube. Later on down the line I’d like to upgrade to an In-line toro perhaps!

  • I make my own bongs depending on the occasion but a proper bong like something from Roor would be a wonderful addition to my hobby.

  • mac

    i love the looks of the “Roor Custom Dealers Cup 5.0 – Lion of Judah” 😀
    althought i’ve never tried one of them, but it still looks great

  • conf20

    I suppose the Toro Windmill but out of the bongs I could get a hold of it would have to be the RooR White Lines special.


    the best bong i ever had was my first that i made out of a milk bottle. i called it Bill the bong. yo never forget your first

  • Kevin

    I own 5 Roors – and I can’t say that I have an ‘absolute’ favorite. They all smoke differently, so it depends on my mood. I think I can narrow it down to 3. My Spartan (7mm Fairmaster) is a great daily driver. Super easy to clear and nice, thick smoke. My Little Sista with the 10cm extension is also used frequently. A little more air mixes with the smoke, so it is SUPER smooth. And then there’s the 30″ US 7mm Tenth Anniversary. This thing will blow the back of your head out. Not a daily driver – but GREAT for weekends. Those are my 3 favorites. I also have a 10th Anniversary Icemaster (293/333) and a US double-perc’d beaker. These also get used, but not as frequently.

  • Kellen McCullough

    I only own one bong. I bought it off here and i love it to death its an EHLE with a diffy and a 10 arm ash catcher!

  • Chinsky

    My favorite bong would be my friends
    Her name is aurora, and i believe it is made by a company called lit.
    It has lights to illuminate the smoke, ice pinches, and a fat bowl and ashcatcher.
    No match for the roor 500 in RASTA colours none the less

  • matt wood

    my favorite bong is a hand blown bong that is almost 2 feet tall in the shape of a mushroom with green spirals around the base thats mine.

  • Alex

    All time favourite…hmm probably a mates bit of glass, code named “mother bitch” it really got me and everyone else who hit it messed up!

  • Christine

    My favorite bong was my first one it didnt have a brand name and was bought in a local shop. twas a purple bubble boy.

    and i loved it until my friend lost it and she still gets shouted at for loosing it =]

  • Jon-boi

    Thanks Edit for another great give away…and my all time fav bong to use is the hurricane Bi-clear with 6 jets..hits amazingly smooth..buh the rasta roor is def. nice too!

  • ana*BO*nanna

    great give-away…i love the ROOR…my favourite is the WS 7mm messias illusion…but this one would really make my collection great!

  • My favorite bong is my Roor little sister 3.2 I have had her for well over 2 years and only broke a downtube and just yesterday broke my bowl, I also have a Roor 100 which I just cleand and am about to make dirty again 🙂 all my Roor purchases have been via EDIT!!!

  • DJ Kahled 87

    umm my best bong of all time would have to be the one i made when i was young…good ol soda bottle with a metal pipe nd kool aid…lol

  • Ralt

    My favourite bong would be my “Crush” bong with 500ml capacity, 5mm thick glass, beaker base, and 14.8 diffused downstem.

  • P0D3NSKY

    ive been using a good wood bamboo bong that i got from here nd had it painted to look like a TIKI MON…thanks edit…

  • R.I.P MJ 62509

    my bong of choice is a glass on glass with grey bob marley heads air brushed all over it…

  • Hibbity Dibbity 123

    i enjoy using my glass Ehl3 nd hookin up to my vapor bros to have an all glass vapor-bong…Darth Vapor! nice one edit

  • dylan

    My favorite bong is a three-foot bong named “Mike Tyson” because it knocks you the fuck out !

  • *Golden*Child*420

    i enjoy using a communal bong cuz i like to have alot of partys nd we can all hit it at the same time haha..thanks for the bong edit!

  • Ana_Babyy_727

    i love using my boyfriends R00R that he got from here its soo smooth…great party bong!

  • Lisa

    My favorite bong is the Molino pocket bong… I walk my dogs for miles and this is great for a quick toot.. Happy dayzzzz x

  • Nate Gulizia

    Still gotta say my favorite bong is the Black Leaf Golden Dragon Series Bubble Ice Twist. Ohh so smooth.

  • Jake

    My all time favorite bong would be my double diffused Hurricane with Pre-cooler. Smoothest hits ever. Wish i could afford top quality Roor stuff. Love Roor glass

  • my favourite is bong is roor i used to have a purple one but sadly my cat broke it. a roor is a bit like a car you buy a basic car looks kool because its your new car but then you discover you can modify it and manage to make the ultimate ride ever i sadly only had a basic purple one before it was involved in a FTA (floor traffic accident) sadly i didnt get my cats registration details,lol rev the smoke run engine and hear me roor! lmao

  • ELdestLarr

    After thinking it through and checking my inventory of my bongs
    which =0,winning the RooR Rasta 500 would become the most fav.LOL

  • Kefka

    favorite has to be this nice gravity my roomie had last year. The best I’ve ever seen.

    Side question: the blog post says you’ll enter the names on 03/07/2009, which obviously isn’t right, how long am I going to have to wallow in suspense?

  • Bond420

    Not a bong that I have personally hit but a bong that I would like to own is a fixed stem toro, that would definitely become my favorite bong.

  • 247Unknown

    My favourite bong would have to be my ‘Black leaf’ bong because its the only one i’ve got. its coming to the end of its days now though so i would love to win the new Roor bong 500!!!

  • Jay

    just wanted to say i love bong hits! ive probally taken at least 420,000 in my life. and 0% of the time its a roar. i heard their the best and i would love to try one.

  • Paul

    Over the years I have owned alot of bongs! At the moment my favourite is my Black Leaf Bubble Ice-Twist as its good looking and a great smoke with some ice. Overall my favourite is my Killer AK-47, although the black plastic is a pain as you can’t tell when the smoke is creaming up, however the size and smoothness makes up for this imperfection.

  • /online_headshop/EHLE_Glass_Custom_Bong_500ml__Special_Sandblasted_Logo_Angled.cfm?iProductID=6268 gotta go with this one since its what I own 🙂

    btw Kefka, thats July 3rd, ie this friday.

  • Aj

    RooR fairmaster is my favourite bong, but it met nasty with my table, so this would be an apt replacement 😀

  • pelle

    my favourite bong is a 2000ml straight EHLE tube (from edit :)) with a 29.2 to 18.8 diffuser and ehle carbon filter.
    when filled with crushed ice it delivers some kickass hits considering both smootheness and the fact that you >will< get owned 😀

  • Mike P

    I’d say the RooR Custom Dealer’s Cup is my favourite bong out there. Don’t own one, but one day…


  • Monni

    My favorite bong is the WS Ego Shooter Ice which I bought from here a few weeks back. With an ashcatcher it works like a dream.

  • dean

    my boring, plain acrylic bong because it was my first, and survived to this day. so many memories… that I can’t remember.

  • Quinn

    my has 2 be the cuvered glass bong (nickednamed the rubber duckycause it looked like a ducks face ) which was boxed, twas wicked, well love n peace, Quinn!

  • Pete

    favorite bong ever ripped = ph(x) tetra

    for those who haven’t heard of it: 23 inches, 3 perks and splashguard.

  • Mike

    i have a black and white glass bong which hits so smooth i’ve actually named it Engelina, i’d say she’s my favourite bong, definately a she too, like anything attractive you crave it and will do anything for it until she finally owns you. each piece of glass i own definately has it’s own personality 🙂

  • pines

    the only good bongs are the home made or (preferably) the custom made ones. i guess thats not specific but i cant think of one in peticular

  • George

    My favorite bong has to be my own homemade Jack Daniels bong! Stayed with me for a couple years until an alcoholic friend of mine (pissed out of his mind I might add) thought it was regular JD, instantly dropped it to the floor and hurled down my livingroom. Heck of a cleaning and a loveable bong – but it was totally worth the laughs! 🙂

    Remember, alcohol is bad for you!

  • natures valley

    lookin through the site this showed up

    Frosted Acrylic Bubble Bong – Ninja

    IM OBSESSED please do a giveaway for these

  • My favorite bong at the moment is an Ice Break bottle with a garden hose, tho I would love a RooR and will get one some day. I just calculated my bong hits and would estimate it at 109500 bong hits or 30 per day for the last ten years…….might be more! Good luck everyone!

  • Scrumpy

    Apple bongs rule quite a bit…
    …but a good bong is complimented by the grade of smoking material….

  • Billy the Shoe

    The best one I have smoked was made out of someone’s clog, the current tool is a twin cylinder intercooler bong with 2 water chambers for that extra chill! works a treat but always ready to embrace new design and technological innovations… bring on the ‘Rasta RooR’

  • Andrew Bevis

    RooR Behemoth is my dream bong, 7mm beaker, 55cm, and weighs 2 and a half kilos, it’s a fucking weapon.
    or a nice Toro, but they’re a little more difficult to get hold of.

  • Jerica Mashall

    My favorite bong is actually an acrylic bong that i bought from EDIT… it is black with a red hemp leaf on it and it will rip the fuck out of you because of where the carb is located, it cools the smoke down hella…. a good way to experience your smoke 🙂

  • Hail the leaf

    My favourite bong has to be the home made bong a made from a sprite bottle. Was basic but served me well!

  • greeny

    i dont own it, but it looks awesome, so it wud have to be Hurricane DTI250 Goldeneye OM (6 Jets)

  • cheesyben

    Black Leaf Glass Bong – Golden Dragon Series (Clear Bubble) was my first bong, so it has a place in my heart

  • meat lOAF

    My favourite would have to be a simple bamboo bong i bought when i went to Holland. Got so high with it but had to leave it there with a friend.

  • meat lOAF

    Mine would have to be just a plain MOJO bong which i got with a friend. and Ive still got him today

  • My favourite waterpipe of all time has to be the first one I ever bought. Me and my friends had been smoking out of a homemade piece for a couple of months and we decided to buy some glass. I did a bit of searching around and came across EDIT and decided to buy the £9.99 ‘Glass Bong – Bubble’ (Ref: GB03). When the parcel finally arrived a few weeks later to my shock and surprise what came out of that box was not the £9.99 bong but rather a much larger, pricier ‘Colour Changing Glass Bong – Boxed’ (Ref: BNG-Glsboxed LM-3CL). We now refer to this bong as ‘Old Faithful’

    We were terrified of it at first; we had never used anything larger than a bottle of soda and here was this gigantic glass bong. I man’d up and tried it out but my good friend backed down. Holy crap that was an amazing day. I greened out. But I didn’t let it deter me!

    About a week later it was the day before going on a large camp we had been planning for about a month. I was visiting my friend and planned to stay the night. Now, let me back up a bit. Before we started smoking we needed a place to do it. My friend lives on a large property with a fairly unused horse stable on it that was built quite recently. Its made up of two sizeable rooms and a small storeroom constructed of strong timber beams and a corrugated iron roof. This was where we had been smoking and having a hell of a lot of fun. For light we had candles and the seats we sat on were shanghai’d from his poolside. Nowadays ‘The Stables’ as we refer to our haven as is decked out with lights, sofas, a stereo, shelves, a fireplace and even a bong cabinet lined with various pieces from EDIT and local headshops.

    Anyway, so it was the day before we set out on our camp. We had a half ounce of the finest tobacco available in our area and the new bong both stored in The Stables. To our horror when we went down there to grab it before leaving we found the stables in total shambles. Someone had left the door open and his two horses had gone in and knocked over what they could and tore apart whatever they could get their teeth around. We found the new bong face down in the dirt, the box it came with torn to shreds, and the downstem busted. It was only minor damage but I was devastated. Fortunately being a slide the stem that broke was not of much importance, it was the stem it sat in that went down to the water which was important – and still intact.

    That night, the night before leaving we camped outside the stables and smoked outdoors using the now tarnished bong. But it still did its job and we loved it. Well my friend was still iffy about Old Faithful, but later he would grow very fond of it.

    We set out that next day to our camp and after we had setup, we had the most awesome 10 days either of us can recall in a while. No responsibilities, being able to wake and bake and so on. It was bliss. About a week in some more friends showed up and joined us for a few days, this is when things got a little rocky for the bong. One night when about 6 or 7 of us were out around a fire passing Old Faithful and having a great time the bong got left out. When we awoke in the morning to another beautiful day we found it laying there shattered against a rock. Maybe some birds or other creatures did it, maybe it was someone stumbling around in the dark needing to urinate, we probably wont ever know.

    Spirits were rather down that day, but that night I sat down at the table with the pile of shards and a role of a tape I somehow had known I might be needing when packing, and smoked a bowl from our old home made piece (a backup in the event of Old Faithful breaking). I had no expectations of actually putting it back together, but I surprised myself and everyone else. The bong was back together. It looked as good as new other than being covered in loads of black electrical tape. It went back together so well, needless to say we had a lot of rejoicing. Except one of our friends who is not really that big on bongs. He was very smug when it was discovered Old Faithful had shattered, but man you should have seen his face when I put it back together.

    That was the first time the bong shattered. I wont go into any details on the various other times its been dropped, fallen of tables and other surfaces etc. Everyime its been successfully taped up, its now more tape than glass. Old Faithul has so much character, we’ve grown very fond of it and it is our favourite piece to smoke from every session. Even over our more expensive Weedstar and Bushmaster pieces.

    That camp brought us much closer to Old Faithful and gave us so many fond memories of it, and that is why its my favourite bong.

  • Matthew

    I would have to say the EHLE Glass Custom Bong 5mm – Ice Twist… would love to get my hand on that piece!

  • carl

    my favourite bong ever has to be the mad professor 4 chamber bong, ive never tried a roor bong but have heard that the smoking experience is un-beatable

  • abs

    I have fond memories of a teapot bong, i didn’t make it but i thought the guy who did was a mad genius it was so good :)) i made an apple pipe once tho- that was great..may try more fruit!

  • Draven

    i think the best bong of all time is the EHLE hollow base 2-footer. my bud has one and it rips like a dream!!

  • Max Carchman

    My favorite, because of the affordability, is my Weed Star Messias Illusion 2 Perc.

    Or as my friends and I call it, Ripleys Bong-lieve it or Not.

  • wpw

    My current fave is an Illadelph tall straight w/ an Illa AC…
    But back in the day, I had one we called “The Stove”…..cuz it would cook ya!
    It was a glass double bubbler w/ grommeted glass coils going from the lower bubbler chamber to the upper chamber.
    Had a buddy that worked glass add ice notches to it.

    She broke on the last move….not a salvageable part either…

  • jippe

    My favorite bong is my old and trusty battle elephant it has gone trough a lot but it’s still in use.

  • BePower

    my favorite bong, is my old bamboo bong that a friend give to me, used so much time, with so much people in so much different places.

  • j Gu3r1n

    my favorite bong of all time would be a toro stemless bong with a diffuser ring,3 arm tree perc,ice catcher, in-line ashcatcher
    everyonedoesit should expand their glass bong selections to bongs like
    toro,us tubes,wicked sands,pakoh,illadelph,jerome baker and everyone should get their hands on some more roors with built in percs and ashcatchers with percs

  • silver3

    berlin you mean the third of july lol.

    My favorite bong of all time is my friend Parker’s. Its a 3 footer with a triple perc

  • jimmy boy

    i much prefer joints to bongs and bowls but i have this one red bong that looks SO rediculous you feel like a douche smoking it. its called el diablo

  • padlockygamy

    the biggest bong is the best bong is what i always say. ive seen a three and a half footer so i guess thats the best.

  • Stoner3007

    Im not sure of the name to my fav bong but i smoked it about 3 years ago its a massive HOOKA BONG which you smoke in an open window in full view of all the public passing by haha in a coffe shop in amsterdam called LOST IN AMSTERDAM. Ahh GREAT TIMES!

  • dewisp

    My favorite bong is my “z” shaped one I call Zong! Everyone who tries to clear it in one hit passes out. I have never smoked from a Roor so I hope I win so I change that.

  • Michael

    my favourite bong is a wooden one my friend had with glass windows along the wood barrell and windows surrounding the bubble
    so basically it was a glass bong inside a wood frame
    pretty rad

  • Mark

    My g-spot classic /w tank joint is my favorite. It’s an award-won son of a gun in my collection of one.

  • maty

    my favorite kind of bong is the Acrylic Bongs it was the first one i ever owned and it still sits and hits well but i have always wanted to try a roor bong

  • mat

    my favorite bone is a weed star bong i bought off your website and i want see more of the fast delivery

  • J

    Best bong, which I have hit, to date is a weedstar ice bong with a precooler… smooth hits all the way.

  • cryan

    my favorite bong is the roor litle sister i got one off of here and it has been hittin along time

  • Devon

    The email I got told me to estimate how many bong hits i have taken in my life and what percentage of those were from a ROOR. That sounded like a fun thought to entertain. So here it is, I estmate i have taken 9252 bong hits and aproximately 55% of those have been from a RooR making it 6013.8.. it must have been almost beat. lol. The majority of those have been from my favorite bong. My 18″ 5mm ROOR straight tube with a 8 color worked section, Small logo, dual diffys, ice notches and a 7mm roor cobalt blue ash catcher. She’s a dream.

  • Jordan

    my favorite all time is a local blown piece my friend has. hit’s like a champ and is super heady.

  • Justin420

    i totally love smoking out of an icemaster with a precooler attachment! any perc bongs are nice! but my all time favorite bong would have to be a roor zumo! that thing with a diffuser and or precooler is a beast! peace and pot to edit and every smoker on here!

  • Jacob Ahumada

    There is Roor, Ehle, Illadelph, US Tubes, Toro… but in all honesty, my all time favorite bong would be my no-name bong that I purchased from my local headshop. It was a GonG 18.8 beaker bottom about 20 inches tall, all clear and with ice pinches.
    It might not have been as smooth as some of the other water pipes available, but the memories I had with it were more than enough for me. Sounds cheesy? Yes, is it the truth? Absolutely.
    Unfortunately, it is now out of commission due to unfortunate mishandling by a relative. I did keep the joint of the tube though, as a reminder of my awesome bong. =]

  • Fergus

    Hits from the bong, hmmm? Well Shotties are my method of choice but would love a go on this Rasta 500 also I don’t have a ROOR bong in my collection, I do have an ashtray though lol 8D

  • Louwrens Erasmus

    My best bong is my Rasta coloured Yoda bong that i bought at a flea market.
    I’ve never seen a Roor bong, not much of them around in South Africa.

    Hoping I win it.

  • Jonathan

    My favorite bong is my best friends tiny 2 perk roor. It’s a beeker bottom and i love it/ Huge hits…

  • Rosemarie

    If I could have any bong it would be the RooR custom white lines….but atm I enjoy smoking out of long neck Agung glass bong….the best I have had to date.

  • nath

    well I’d definitely have to say my home made bong out a large ribena bottle and some copper piping lol. sounds crap but it’s pretty badass, does the job nicely 🙂

  • Samir Alaheri

    My favorite (and also own) would be ROOR’s custom Little Sister 5mm – Big Brother. It has the diffy and an extra 10cm’s in height witch helps build such beautiful tokes…I also have it with ROOR’s black logo 5mm ash catcher witch is ohh so smooth. Guess where I got it from….EDIT!!!

  • PiCCa

    My fav would have to be a beautiful hand-blown glass bong. Beautiful to smoke out of and look at!

  • S.n.o.w

    Nicest bong i’ve had the pleaseure of hitting was Spadges twin perc RooR, it was an absolute beast.

    Fav that i own has got to be the hurricaine. =]

  • fisk

    My favorite bong would have to be my ceramic alien head bong. It was my first, so it’ll always hold a special place in my heart.

  • Joseph

    The best bong I’ve ever had is this acrylic one I have now, Its about a foot tall and red, then again, its only the second one I’ve had lol.

  • JigsawMind

    My favorite bong was a straight glass green bong w/ icecatcher given to me by my best friend for my birthday one year. It hit super smooth.

  • Zeyd

    haha hmmm, ive only smoked in “artisanal” bongs lol..use a papaya stem n a plastic bottle :P..nywayyy always wanted a roor 1..hehe

  • Gary Ebbess

    my favorite bong is my roor 5.0 icemaster. always reliable. always a heavy hitter to new bongers.

  • Sha Boland

    I honestly don’t know what my favorite bong is. As in how they look or what smokes the best? In looks, ROOR really gets the props. I’d love to try anything that is good enough of an Olympian!

  • Subzd

    My Fav Bong Of all time has 2 be the Gravity Bong….so cool…. will be this one tho if i win it 😛

  • well since there is no way i can say that my favourite bong is a bong i have never hit yet, but as of today my favourite bong ive hit before must b my oldest acrylic with a glass bowl/ droptube, this thing was my first bong, and would produce hits that sent the brain on a magic carpet ride, used to lug it around in a backpack, but now, the broken parts are still sitting in my closet…rip

  • harry cobley

    fave bong is a handmade double spouted glass 2chamber made myself ,its small and battering but nothing on the 500 i imagine would love to win that beast x

  • Jake Kiley

    Weed Star Messias Illusion with a single perc. Best bong ever, high quality, looks amazing and a decent price too.

  • Ironside

    my favourite is definitly the G-Spot – Giant Cylinder Bong 9.0 – The Bong of Bongs, unbreakable!

  • NTrailZ

    My favourite bong is my EHLE 250 daily driver that sits on my pc desk. If I won this RooR it would be it’s replacement though, ironic. 🙂

  • Denny

    What a beautiful bong! I want a Roor bong so bad. My favorite was my bamboo one that was my first ever bong 🙂

  • Highskore

    My favorite bong would have to be the ones me and my friends would make out of gatorade bottles. Of course the high price glass ones rip, but they just don’t have the same memories!

  • Stacey Morris

    my fav is my ehle 22 in. 18.8 mm, wit a roor bottleneck precooler, 15.5 cm roor diffuser, carbon adaptor, and the turbo bowl wit glass screen.

  • jordan

    to be honest my fav bong is the typical home made bucket bong an empty 2ltr bottle of coke with the bottom missing ahh cos i have no money to buy a proper one like this 1

  • Alex

    I have only bought one bong in the past and it’s a EHLE Glass Ice Cylinder Bong 18.8 which I bought off edit with a EHLE teardrop pre-cooler and it’s served me well. Smooth hits. It’s my favourite though I would love one of those new roor Rasta range bongs.

  • jesusfrijmagnet

    My all time favourite bong was bought for me by my friend when I was 16. For Australia it was a high quality glass bong with a bubble and a second chamber. We used that old girl daily – it was the first non-homemade bong that any of us had ever used and we all loved it – untill Micko knocked it off the table one very stoned night and it met it’s sad end.
    Nothing readily available in Australia is is anywhere near the quality of the roor – I wanted to order one but had to settle for a weedstar (not that I’m complaining). I know 95% of the world will disagree with me but it would be nice to see the roors with a shotty or carb hole option – maybe it’s just of an Aussie thing – great to see them on the WS though.
    Feel free to send me that roor so I can convince some other Aussies that GonG and roor quality are the way to go! (and maybe you can convert me to the slide carb…)

  • froglips

    My favourite bong at the moment is my mates 2 footer glass tube, not that it’s all that great, it’s pretty low quality. My pipe broke last week so I’ve been enjoying the sillver surfer exclusively untill my new roor arrives. please.

  • Jared

    My all time favorite bong would have to be the Weed Star Fat Joe Ice bong. It rips so nice. I love it.

  • John

    My favorite bong is a Mojo reclining neck large. Only bong I’ve ever owned and I’ve grown to fucking love it. Awesome bong tho. Plus I bought it from EDIT

  • Ash

    Memories, memories… back in uni I splashed out my loan on a 3 chamber luminuous perspex monster. I remember it so fondly because it was stolen (along with a jar of coppers) by random crackheads who broke into our house. I bet they’ve turned her to hard drugs…

  • Stanley Stoner

    never had the chance to hit a roor yet, but the best i’ve used was my friend’s kind creations inline, with perc and ice notches. so smooth, good vibes.

  • Brian

    22 in roor custom with 2 reductions flame polished logo worked section crowns on the base and mouth and a red lable de. diffy. the ultimate tube

  • michael gonzalez

    My fave would have to be a roor 100 with a double perc with a fat custom bowl…. blew me out of the water!!

  • Ben R

    My favorite bong would have to be the roor 5.0 with a roor ashcatcher on it. =] mmmmm, so very milky smooth.

  • custom roor ~lion ofjudah , its the sand blasted leaf and the rasta colour ice notches that makes this stand out 4 me with the muliti coloured mid section with the smooth roor logo on it . truly a masterpeace with the under standing of wot the rasta colours mean 2 them red, green ,yellow. ….respect and thanks again 4 this great compertition

  • CBrenton

    My favorite bong was one from Red Eye glass,I forget the name but she was my first full sized thick glass bong and I hit her for years, but she has since met her fate. Although I do have a zumo waiting for bowl to arrive, maybe she is gonna become my new favourite.

    Those a Bongs look Dazzling!

  • Joe R

    I personally have a roor icemaster 5.0, a red label, and an orange label steamroller.
    My fav way of smoking is in my icemaster, just cleaned….mmmmm!
    I usually use my icemaster and i cannot even begin to count the times ive used a bong!!!

  • Dr. Bengele

    Wasn’t this gonna be closed yesterday?, what’s happening?…

    Kind Regards,
    Dr. Bengele

  • Scott N

    My favorite bong has to be the Molino Mad Scientist V2 because of it’s quality and hits for the price! Won’t find many quality bongs at the price I paid!

  • Travis

    This would go great in my collection, I’m currently rockin a yellow label fairmaster, Roor quality is the best.

  • Orrhawk

    My favourite bong of all time is the Hurricane. Durable provides a great and smooth smoke. although i no longer have this bong due to the police 🙁 i would love to get my hands on Rasta Roor Bong 500 🙂

  • Blurberry42

    My favorite bong i’ve personally hit so far was a buddies Roor orange label Zumo, which gave such big hits and would send you to the stratosphere in a few good rips. but i always have looked at Toro stemless/disk diffused tubes, they look so simple and i havent hit anything like it. But german Roors are always tempting to take over any US blown tube!

  • justin

    i have bought a couple of tubes from you guys and id have to say i love my 5mm weedstar colour perc puncher. it really is the smoothest pull ever especially with the weedstar inline diffuser added : ]




  • vodkawithcornflakes

    My favourite bong is the roor behemoth, I broke mine recently and it was the nicest bong I have ever smoked.

  • blkmmba

    i don’t see why the giveaway was extended. i know i know “its free” but it should have stayed with the same deadline. Usually the first couple hundred people to post are people who are EDIT regulars. people who post last are people who rarely visit the site if that, and first-timers. i have no complaints these giveaways are great and i appreciate just being a part of them but when the contest goes on for over 2 weeks its really not that much fun. im almost positive one of the last people who post(probably never been on the website before this) will win this Roor. Congratulations to you in advance.

  • Pagoda

    My favorite bong which i own is my WS Messiah Illusion twin perc. Bought it from EDIT along with a Roor diffusor and carbon adaptor. Love the set up, it produces such a smooth smoke.

  • Rich B

    Hey EDIT team,
    such an amazing giveaway;)

    My all time favourite bong would have to be the Roor little sista (white lines..its on the site)

    I have had this baby for about 4 months now,
    never has it given me a ultra harsh hit.

    It is the perfect size for me, and when i got it i paid almost double than it is on the site now.

    I have to say the hold and grip of the bong is spectacular,
    the little curves in the glass grip perfectly in my fingers, and it weighs next to nothing. just pick up and toke.

    The main reason i bought the bong was for the little marijuana symbol next to the roor logo, never seen it like that on a bong before,
    around the top of the bowl and moth rest the little half balls make for a perfect comfortable fit.

    I cant say one thing wrong about this bong,
    i keep it safe and secure away from butter fingers all the time.

    im going to keep this bong for the rest of my life i hope 🙂

  • Ash Campbell

    My ROOR lion of judah bong is the best bong ever! smoothst smoke ever when its packed with ice. The rasta 500 would look so good stood next to the lion and would be an exellent addition to my collection of ROOR glassware!

  • Stu_JahLive2012

    My all time favourite bong has to be my old bog standard bong I named Alfred, I had alot of good times wi that bong, the ol’ saying during a smoke out was “Pack an Alfred packer man” haha, it was aboot 1.5 feet tall, bubble at the bottom and a staight up tube wi a marijane leaf at the top on the glass, I even painted Alfred with some cool trippy designs and it hit like a silky babe Mmm yea good times untill my mate knocked it over and broke it in half…. we miss ol’ Alfred R.I.P.


    My favorite bong is not one that you would think. It was the first one I ever made. It wasn’t that special but it was special to me. It was four spice jars connected to each other by tubing and was 1 into 2 into 1 with a tube for smoking out of, it wasn’t as nice looking as a Roor or a Ehle or as healthy i bet too, but it has special place in my heart cause I made it myself and everytime I think about it I just smile and laugh at what we do when we’re youngins and ain’t got the money for a Roor or Ehle let alone a cheap acrylic bong. thanks

  • hold_tight_ganja

    Roor Bong Custom Little Sista 7mm – Editor Special is the best because its got ’nuff jewelz n shit on it nd looks nicest to smoke on.

  • GCarlo

    My favorite bong is my very first glass on glass bong. It was the first glass bong my good friend blew and he gave it to me as a birthday gift. It’s an 11 inch beaker bottom glass on glass and I’ve had it for almost 7 years. Not the greatest looking but it’s always been my favorite.

  • Jared Altenau

    my favorite bong is the RooR custom little sister with flamepolished label has to be with a german diffuser

  • Ravi Renga

    My favorite bong is probably the roor zumo 4.2mm orange, dunno why, there’s just something about it.

  • Joseph Eckenrode

    My one foot, purple, and plastic bong is my favorite, because it shreds like any high quality piece, but has alot of endurance. But it would nice to have a sick rasta roor.

  • sean sieling

    my favorite bong is a 19 inch hbg stemless bong with a inline diffuser and a three stem perc. and if your feeling risky you can throw on the ash catch and create anyones dream bong

  • Chas

    My favourite bong is my current red eye rok-it, it delivers the smoothest toke i’ve ever had from a bong, feels like air, but i need another one for the big tokes, it has a very small capacity. The rasta would do just fine :p

  • tyler

    my favorite would be my friends roor black label U.S with 2 5 arm tree percs and crown label ashcatcher

  • josh wilson

    my favorite bong is a roor that my best friend purchased while on vacation.Black label , tall as heck a would deliver monster hits. That’s the first time I had heard of a ROOR….sadley brandon past away in 2003 and we buried the roor w/ him…..for ever tokin’ and always chokin’……RIP… brandon james huebner 82-03………

  • campbell esquerre

    my favorite bong is the yellow label austrian custom that i purchased.its two feet tall and just tops my 9mm beaker roor with the custom is great guys still waiting on that diffuser!!!!!

  • blazemanalex

    my favourite bong is the 9mm straight tube tree perc hits so fresh!
    roof ftw cant beat em

  • tak

    As much as I love glass, have to go with the homemade orange bong I had as a kid. Never forget!

  • ZachLovesGanja

    So far My fav bong is weed star double perc very nice i suppose, smoking my medical grade green crack 😛 really been wanting to hit a roor heard so much good things about them. Rasta as always looking ter-ROOR-ific!!!

    Peace out guys 🙂

  • I have 2 all time favorite bongs, one of which is ridiculously fantasy. It is the illadelph custom I saw on a convention video from California. It had 4 coil condensers, custom glass, beautiful piece, custom inline, etc. Retailed at 10,000 USD. The other is the Roor Rasta little sista 3.2mm. It is my cousins (unfortunately I don’t own a bong yet) and it hits so smooth i have never even thought about coughing.

  • Michael Ringler

    My favorite bong is roor is molinis mad scienties also known as weedstar mad professor with an newton precooler added . Making it a 3 chambered bong. Very cheap, great efiency thx everyonedoesit:)

  • OGKUSH86

    my favorite bong right now is the weed stAr Fat jOe because ive been laid off so i dont have the money for the big name bongs like the roor. but the weed star is extreamly great for the price

  • y jones

    my fave bong is the roor 250 from the blue series because it looks great in my flat and it hits so smooth.

  • 0-On4s!!

    My favorite bong off all time was a color chansning glass bong called The Savior. We namned him the savior cuz he saved our days and gave us peace. He was perfect in every way, he looked so good on the table and felt so smooth, he was easy to use and the hit was always there to forgive our sins.
    BUt one day he was killed due to a short drop with a quick stop. we figured, since he was the savior he had to ressurect so we helped him with some duck-tape and glue. Although at this point hes days where already numbered, we had to bury him in the woods 🙁

  • Kyle

    Please do not get me wrong, i love these give-aways but your website was down for what 24 hours if that and you allow the giveaway to continue 7 days longer? I figgure there will be around 1,000 people signed up to win one item. Sure i know you guys seem to take care of the other 9,999 people by doing a random bowl giveaway a few days later and that makes them feel like they had more of a chance to win something..Why not just end it with 300 people in it? Is the point of this not to have people check your website regularly? I know i check it everyday….waiting to see that perfect pipe or excellent giveaway. But i think you should stop the extending the time

  • harry

    i have to say, although i dont own it, my favourite bong is the roor 500. ive used it at a party i went to, someone had brought it along and let me use it!! i thought it was stupid to bring, but they stored it in a cupboard!! any way, it was the best, it… i dont know… it just felt amazing, such a nice weight, size, look. mmmmm, it was sweet!!!

  • Michael Zwerin

    My name is Michael.
    My Favorite Bong is my Zong!
    I own an A.D.S, tree perculated. (Love it)
    I own a Weed Star, Mr.Li. (Love it)
    I own a Zong. (Love it)
    I own a Hurricane. (Love it)
    I own a Molino Glass, Mad Scientist. (Love it)
    I own an Ehle Glass precooler that fits all but the Zong.

  • RiZ

    My all time favourite bong is or was my Black Leaf pistol grip glass bong. was with me through all the good times and the bad. lasted years.

  • camille

    call me a noob i guess but i dont know! i hear Roors are really good from my friend who just got one

  • myke;

    im thinking the WS Series – Messias Illusion Ice 5mm – Single Tree Perc… but thats just based on looking through this site for 10 minutes

  • Nathan how

    one of the most expensive you there, the Roor Bong Custom Dealers Cup 5mm with white lines

  • mitch g

    im at camp so i would love to come back to winning this! one counselor has a bong here named waterfront and its my favorite

  • King Arthur

    I have a black and white spotted bong named cornerkick (its a long story). but yeah.

    basically its really big (almost 2 and half feet) and gives mad easy hits

  • jaxclax

    G-Glass – Small Aboriginal Bong with Solid Tank Joint. im pretty sure this is the one my brother has, which is also my favorite

  • mister redd

    any roor or custom made one. i dont know… i guess i have one in mind that i used while i was in portugal

  • Michael

    I’ve only had one bong so far but it’s an Ehle 500mL I ordered off here and it’s everything I could ask. I’ve smoked out of other bongs so I have something to compare with and to be pleasure, the first one I bought, the Ehle 500mL, is the smoothest bong I’ve smoked out of. My friends all agree.

    I would of gotten a RooR but the prices were just a little out of my reach. I’d be utterly ecstatic if I were to win this beautiful RooR Rasta pipe.

    Keep up the great work guys!

  • headynugs420

    The nicest bong I have seen has got to be the custom ziggy roor bong simply goregous piece. But my fav bong I own is my flame polish icemaster roor.

  • AfroAttack

    There are quite a few bongs I’ve hit over the course of my life, especially over the course of last year, my freshman year of college. Illadelphs, PHXs, Roors, home made pieces, etc. As I worked up my tolerance, and tarred up my lungs, I came to and understanding and appreciation for well made glass bongs. Despite this, it is for the first time today that I ripped what is quite possibly my favorite bong; The Illadelph Custom Rasta.

    I went to smoke with some old friends of mine, including this guy Steve and my dealer when I’m home. He asked if we wanted to rip bong or vape, a question immediately followed by several variations of “bong!”. So he opens his freezer, and pulls something out, and walks to his bong. He attaches it to what I must say was the most beautiful piece of glass I’ve seen in my life, and declares “greens”. What he removed from the freezer was a freezable section of the bong, filled with glycerin. Also adorning this beautiful piece of glass were a custom slide and ashcatcher, all of which were blown in poppy, contrasting, patterns of red, green, and yellow. I waited my turn, ripped and milked that shit, and managed to hold back a cough on exhaling. 15 seconds later, I was RIPPED. I don’t have a glass bong of my own, so I feel incredibly lucky that the deadline for this contest was extended.

    PLEASE, consider awarding me that Rasta Roor 500, you won’t find a more appreciative stoner.

  • Oscar

    My favorite is my glass ice bong, i got it from a local headshop and it hits like a bitch, its pretty too.

  • James Douglas

    I once made a bong out of a coconut (the main chamber), a downstem of a hollow branch with a standard bowl. For the main stem I used bamboo. It delivers the smoothest hit i’m to find yet.

  • Chris F

    My all time favorite bong would be the 7mm RooR Lil Sista. Its the perfect size, and thick as hell, so you would never have to worry about it breaking. It’s heavy as hell too, so when it is in your hands, you know you are smoking in true style, with the highest quality glass.

  • Josh

    I would have to say my favorite bong is my friends 2 foot glass on glass faded, 2 chambers, zero percs and an ashcatcher

  • ryan

    My favorite bong would have to be old Elixer. Its just a normal cheap bong that me and some friends usually use. the name is just elixer, i don’t know the actual company or anything like that. i don’t have a bong on my own, but i do love them.

  • Dan

    Only bong I’ve had the pleasure to smoke is a beautiful EHLE 250, but I would love to give ROOR a try 😉

  • Piffi

    My first and only bong, “Weed Star Green Mahony ICE” is the goddamn best looking bong ever, and gives smooth hits.

  • mudkips

    my friends have a 2.5′ double perced beauty. smoothest thing ive smoked out of, so i guess ill go with that

  • Derek

    My friends bong named mirage. Its not so much the bong that I like, but the memories it provided 🙂

  • Ian k

    I saw a bong in St. Louis that reminded me of a futuristic motorcycle it was around 2k. If i had that amount to splurge on i probably would have bought it.

  • tanZ

    RooR glassware is definitely my favorite. It was the first real bong I ever smoked from and I’ve just stuck with them.

  • Elliot

    My all time favorite bong is my friend’s old EHLE with Roor a/c. Would hit like a champ, the bong and AC had no drag whatsoever. Beautiful pieces 🙂

  • big scam

    i like the EHLE Glass – Clear Cylinder Bong (Hexagon Foot) – 1000ml (18.8). its kind of like the one that im about to win

  • Narek Papyan

    I got 2 cm thick all glass bong, i will never betray him, his been a real hero 5 falls, 6 bowls… and still rocks the house. NO NAME. If luck plays out he will be replaced as my favourite bong.

  • My best and most favorable bong is my trusty olde noname glass bong, possibly colored yellow/amber. I have many found memories with that old bong. I’ve dropped it countless times, but somehow its managed to stay alive still!
    The original pipe broke pretty early though, but ive replaced it widd a new bigger pipe and cup. Oh what a nice cup/bong combination it is!

  • Thomas Haugen

    My favoritt bong is the first bong i purchased. the RooR Little sista 3.2 icemaster from EDIT. Keep it clean and it will rip your lungs out everyday : )

  • harry

    i just bought a nice clear perculated volcano with a diamond cut mouthpiece that is pretty sick and hits with the best of em

  • Scott D. Morris

    well to be quiet honest.My favorite bong is just about any one of them i can put my herb in and light that biatch up and forget about all the heavy shit going down in my life!! so i have not just one special bong but i do have one unspecial bong and that is a empty one!!! so let’s keep the bong’s filled up and the smoke a smoken my friend’s!!!peace and double duece’s to all!!

  • yakoop

    yo yo-yo yo yo

    are there going to be second place prizes???????

    and by favorite do you guys mean favorite you’ve owned or smoked or seen or on this website?

    for now ill say my bong Kieth

  • harold

    has to be the roor big sista i bought from this site. i added a carbon adaptor and diffusor to it, but unfortunately it all got confiscated at school on 420…huge huge bummer. hoping to get this one to replace it haha thanks for the opportunity love this site i visit it almost daily!

  • Sir tokesalot

    My favorite bong was my friends blue beaker bottom PURE tube. It was about the size of a roor 500 with a broken section of the base that was fixed with bathroom plaster, no diffy and no percs unlike other bongs I’ve hit but it still give fat cooled down rips and could still clear in an instant thanks to simple GonG technology. Unfortunately it suffered a big hairline crack and just couldn’t be used anymore. I kept the thin glass in mind when I decided not to buy a PURE straight tube last week because it felt too fragile.

  • Matt

    My favorite is my two footer Tommy Chong Bong. The glass is extremly hard, the colors and sparkles are incredibly artistic and completly stand out from any other bong. Not to mention it has an incredible history to it as I bought it from my best friend who traveled all the way from the west coast to the east coast with it. The bong itself is a piece of history as the glass will never be made again.

  • Thai

    Best bong i’ve used is a WS Series 5mm Glass Bong – Messias Illusion Ice
    Bought that on here after having a Roor Bong 100 – Blue Series for about a year, I love the roor 🙂

  • Ricardo

    Green Lable Roor behemouth dealers cup, with a crown mouth piece and thinning section. it was a beast, im having one like it made for myself soon.

  • soulrebel

    i had a frosted 2 1/2 footer double percolated water pipe
    and we get along in the best of ways
    my dad caught me smoking on my on my birthday night
    and smashed poor dreamsicle in the worse of ways
    this all happend when i got back from rothbury yesterday
    now im bongless with know place to stay
    if you choose me you will save my day

  • Drew Baker

    All time favourite: A bong I built out of PVC pipes, was about 1500ml, steel bowl, named Luigi because it was painted green and it looked like it was from Super Mario Bros. Best hits ever!

  • Drew Baker

    All time favourite: I couldnt afford a nice big zong or something of the sort, so I built my own out of PVC pipes, it was huge and curvey, about 1500ml, painted green and named Luigi because it looked like it was from Super Mario Bros. It didnt stand the test of time though and is burried. R.I.P. Best hits ever!

  • Ben Chartrand

    My favourite bong was a soft glass bong named Emerald. It was broken on the pavement by accident.

  • Griffin

    My favorite bong……..
    PHX or PYREX Glass
    I had a chance to hit a Trinity Series (triple perc), and i can say it was well worth the hour drive to my friends house.

    Never the less, the RooR is a outstanding piece of glassware. A true treat i’m sure.

  • Soobpar

    My all time favourite bong has to be the Roor 5mm Icemaster. My friends and I spent countless hours smoking out of that quality piece. It fueled much of our hazy smoke filled summers.

  • Pico V

    first roor ever bought was from this site… 3.2 mm red/white label roor.. dropped her in the bath tub cleaning it :[ the good ol days… bought a bigger black label the same weekend…

  • andy

    55cm kingping, by far one of the hardest hitting bongs ive smoked out of and with the subtle details it makes a perfect community bong for all your buddies to smoke out of.

  • my favorite bong is a home made bong done by a fridge repair man who was a friend of my moms its just a simple metal tube but it’s never let me down and it’s indestructible which was good through the times when my idiot friend who breaks anything he touches was around >.< it gives a nice clean rip and has a lot of memories

  • Sophia

    7 mm Roor Icemaster. Feels great in your hand, beautiful to look at, and hits like a dream. Only wish it was mine!

  • Jacob

    My favorite bong of all time is my friend JJ’s Custom Medicali. That thing is just a straight up bong. It has none of the fancy perculators, etc. It is just a simple yet sophisticated, beautiful and functional water pipe. Sensational!

  • Plumpy

    My ROOR Rasta 100… that should be here this week. Still waiting,can’t wait to get my hands on it. England is pretty darn far from were I live here in the states.Sure would be cool to win this bong.

  • sdstoned

    I have a delta 9 rasta label single tree…not only is it a super smooth hit, I got an amazing deal 🙂 Sadly there is a hairline crack starting where the base and tube come together….so I fear I’ll need a new favorite soon!!!!!!


    My favorite bong is one we call the B.O.D. its a hand blown piece classic bubble style bong, that leans slightly to the left ( but you only notice when your messed up lol). Its blue with sleek orange and yellow striping, requires 2 grommets to fit an average size stem, that holds the ash catcher bowl. Its been passed down from Senior to Senior in our area for 11 years, sadly my time draws near to pass the epic piece to my worthy best friend and relinquish my awesomeness..leaving me without a bong , but i know karma is on my side….one will provide itself to me ^_^ although I really love this Rasta Roor bong 500 !

  • jarnol21

    I would have to say my Roor Custom Icemaster 5.0-Huge Sandblasted Logo that I got from you not long ago. It is a slim tube with smaller diameter which I love, the logo looks frosted and disappears in the smoke. 45cm tall and weighs just under a kilogram. Thank you again by the way, it is an amazing tube.

  • DebsDiddles

    My favorite bong of all time, was an acrylic bong “Big Blue” we called him =) A little ice and he was smooth!! I miss him.

  • Under*Deconstruction

    I had a 16″ zong… My grinder shattered it when i quickly threw it in the bongs case when i was out of it T.T

  • Olyver

    My Favourite Bong is my 3ft green Acrylic (Lochness Monster).
    I’d give my left nut for a RooR. They are so gorgeous.

  • Dave the hippy

    my favourite bong is really a toss up between my EHLE 500 ml low bent neck and my american blown red label RooR lil sista’…. i love them both but the punctured hole diffuser sets the EHLE right off 🙂
    my friend has a RooR 500 ml blue label and it hits so smooth, i’d kill for the rasta version

  • Will Parkinson

    My favorite is an Illadelph because it hits like a motherfucker, you can freeze it for a cooler hit and it’s named after a badass rap album. My favorite bong ever though was a little porcelain or glass bong named Little Feet. Back when I was 15 we used to smoke out of Little Feet all the time, then this drunk asshole fucked it up at a party. R.I.P. Little Feet.

  • Jandro Raeder

    I had a homemade double-chamber bong with a vaporizer bowl. It had the best high ever, sadly I broke it

  • philip

    all time fave is probably my own haha. 18″ syn with a dome perc, diffuser, and some generic ashcatcher.

  • christoph

    My favorite bong of all time was a cobalt blue JBD mothership covered in millis, with its original slide that was huge, like the length of your hand, that was dropped by its owner never to be seen again

  • skatervito

    i would have to say my favorite bong is a 24″ red acrylic bong my parents bought me while i was away for 3 days, probably hits the best out of every bong ive smoked!

  • Isso

    My favourite bong is the Weed Star Punisher Blue line – 60cm w/ hexagon foot. Peace brothers and sisters!

  • DSP

    My fav was a 3 foot zong I used to have years back, sadly it was broken when it was knocked off a shelf onto concrete… what a horrible day that was… I will always miss that zong 🙁

  • My favorite bong is one we made in our old appartment. it was a quarter inch thick plastic cup that we drilled a hole in. the bowl was so pretty and in an odd way it matched. then a month later our appartment got broken into and the bastards stole it!!!

  • Tony

    My favorite bong is my 30 inch roor that i actually broke the joint off but thanks to the wonderful people at 420repair they made it like new

  • ghou1ie

    my favorite bong is the first one i smoked out of: a thick glass no-name me and my buddies call “The Crimson King”

  • Smoke E Robinson

    Roor Little Sista 3.2mm Rasta Logo is the best bong i ever owned.. The best ive ever used was a PHX triple perc. One hit and it put my ass in the grass. But its all good EVERYONEDOESIT!

  • corey

    the best bong i every smoked was a 4 ft pure 4 chamber with difusser and ice catcher. this thing ripped you.

  • Francisco

    My favorite bong was actually my first ever bong. I traded one of my amps for it and it worked until the day it passed away. It actually broke last week and it was a sad day in bong history. It was around 17 inches tall with red and blue and orange markings, thick glass! R.I.P Baby Ultimatum(her name).

  • Coxy

    I have no idea what brand it is, I dont think it even has one, it has no special features at all, but, and it is a big but, it was my first bong! 😀 still love it.

  • UncleJon

    The Mad Scientist multi chamber glass bong is a moderate bong that is one of the most efficient and cleanest ripping bongs ive ever owned.

  • jonny

    hey i no im using my bros pc but i think that the best bong in the world is the new rasta range lil sista fucking mental!

  • Ian Bonnes

    I have several RooRs in my collection(all german) that i have bought though EDIT spending over 1000 in glass through edit alone and my favorite tube would have to be my Lil Sista Rasta Logo, one of my first purchases and still my Daily Driver!

  • harry

    7mm custom dealers cup, its a thing of beauty and hopefully will be part of my collection soon

    a rasta 500 would be nice too ; )

    all right, time to rip the greens and start a barbecue. enjoy everyone

  • brian

    i love my black label bubbler i just recieved but i would love to get a hit out of that roor too thing looks awesome

  • Nick

    Yoo. My favorite bong is the roor is acualy the roor rasta. with a red roor ash catcher and a custom roor ziggy bowl

  • Chris

    Currently have my eye on that 1000mil EHLE with the 29.2 joint, but I’ve always loved my lux mini beaker!

  • jepek

    My homemade bong made of cans, a metal pen for downpipe and ceramic bowl. It had a icestop and produced nice cool smoke 🙂

  • ALEX

    since im a newbie at smoking and only been for 1.5 years i love the first bon i bout it was a 1.5 footer with icecatcher glas on glas everything my god i love that bong

  • Shears

    Favorite bong would have to be my homemade 3ft bamboo with slide cp & a 2nd chamber made from a yogi bear bottle. 🙂

  • Bryan

    me and my brother when half oh the custom roor little sista 7mm the editor special greatest thing ive ever spent my money on but it doesnt leave the house. it would be awesome to have something to take on the rode!

  • John

    My favorite was that nice Roor that was a 1 of 5 and it came with a custom ashcatcher. I beilieve it was a Little Sista

  • MexicnAJ

    My Favorite bong is a Biohazard 3 foot bong with a perc and an ash catcher with four downtubes all with diffusers.but he broke.

  • freddie

    1.5 foot tall rasta coloured bubble with reducer and bolt for ice and a kink before the mouthpiece name was simon peterson mi she was a looker and how i will miss her lol

  • Juke

    My favorite bong ever was my first. I worked my ass off mowing lawns and baby-sitting (I was 15) and i saved up 400$ and got myself a PH(X) tetra pedestal bottom and it came with a blow torch. But what really made it special was those days when i used to trip out from pot. My first love, I called it the goblet of fire

  • revras

    My favorite bong is the 3ft pH(x) double perc’ed pedestal. It rips soooo smooth!!

    Or the 36″ RooR black label beaker.

  • Ashley Curling

    The 18 mm YELLOW roor double perc, diffuse stem… of the arms broke off on the bottom perc TODAY. Hopefully I can find a blower in FL!

  • dunkin

    I have a bong named Mr. Hyde to replace one that i named Dr. Jekyl

    soooooo. yeah they were my favorites. pretty too

  • izzy

    i forget what they’re called but those ones that look like a pot-bellied pig…

    its like a snowman i guess it gets bigger and bigger and is stacked up .

    thats my favorite cause it looks really majestic

  • sunshea

    24 inch ZOB, 9 tree and a 7 tree percolator, splash guard and ice catcher, diffused downstem with rasta bowl, all clear with a rasta logo,

  • tatooine

    i have a black and red bong called darkside because it looks like darth maul from star wars. it doesnt hit as well as my friends weedstar but its still my favorite

  • muffinsandmilk

    my friends weedstar bong that he won off the give away a couple of months back at this site. looking to 1-up him 🙂

  • soup dropper

    Roors are the best. i forget what specifically it was but the only roor ive tried beats all the crappy homemade ones ive seen

  • j trac

    my favorite bong is the blingpin dealers cup i bought off of EDIT. Rips smoother than any other bong ive hit by far.

  • purple dino

    cousin jenny showed me her Ehle (and somehting else too)

    needless to say it was very nice

  • generalvaigon

    Roor Bong Custom Little Sista 3.2mm – Red Baron

    thats from looking through your website EDIT, i havent ever owned a bong.

    btw thanks for the chill giveaways!


  • harry madagascar

    ummm im drawing a blank…

    i cant think of the other one but i had an ill yellow and red one i made in pottery class called pizzafish

  • winged hour ryan

    oh my GOD im freaking out im in love with this bong

    Roor Bong Custom Little Sista 7mm – Editor Special

    i clicked it because it was the most expensive — 4000 dollars US!

    its obviously my favorite

  • buster nuts

    yeah legit.

    roor makes the best bongs. my aunt has one and i think its named big bertha but idk why

  • Cooper Hinman

    I have only used about 3 different bongs in my lifetime. My favorite out of all 3 is the Orange Label US RooR icemaster that my friend owns. =) If I win this bad boy though, it will definitely be my new favorite hehe

  • billLee

    Gravity bong. Winning that Roor would finally allow me to get rid of that bucket of water the cats try to drink.

  • Das

    My all time favorite is the 2ft Green Star percolated bong I used to have…..before it was broken 🙁

  • People Under the Stairs

    I have a glass on glass 9mm stemless with ice pinches that hits like a charm. Named it Cal Ripken Jr. what a fitting name. haha

  • Jerry

    I bought a 9mm thick beaker bottom GonG down in Eureka CA. Custom blown and very affordable. Def my fav piece!!! (That is, unless I get this RooR).

  • Justin

    I had a roor knockoff called the milkman that was my favorite but it broke the other day 🙁

  • TomToole

    My RooR behemoth was my favourite! Alas, my housemate managed to break it into a million peices and I’m RooRless for the forseeable future 🙁

  • Julio

    Messias Illusion Ice 5mm – Single Tree Perc.

    Bought one for my girlfriend and it hits like a champ.

  • rob

    its the one i made from a piece of plastic tubing and sealed at the bottom with candle wax sweet as

  • Thor

    I’d have to say my favorite bong is my n3rd custom, but hot damn, a free rasta roor may just take the cake.

  • carl

    I have a cheap one i bought from blue banana and use a roor diffuser with a roor turbo bowl, would love to touch some real glass.

  • eddebaby

    Plastic Bottle of Irn Bru and a pen! Do not remove the Irn Bru from the bottle else the magnificence is lost! 🙂 Ah, those halcyon days of youth….

  • Tyler S

    Roor Bong Custom Icemaster 5mm – Ziggy is my favorite tube of ALL TIME!!! good work roor!!

  • m0le

    EHLE 250mll with EHLE diffuser 14.5 and Molino hurricane Pre-Cooler,

    Its a winning combination! 😀

  • FidelCashflow

    hmm, probably a 9mm 20″ Toro 8 arm tree perc that is no longer available to me. that thing ripped

  • AWarr11

    Sup EDIT,

    Hands down best bong ever was the 5 foot German Original Roor with Roor ashcatcher. First bong I’d seen that ever knocked somebody out, literally lol.

  • Jack Armstrong

    I once had a ROOR wanna be bong about two feet tall with a single perk, ice catcher, and a pretty decent diffuser. I loved this bong perhaps too much, because it led to it’s demise. I cleaned it almost immediately after each and every use. Until one day as i shook the bong to rinse the inside out it smacks the counter top at the sink i was using and SHATTERS into about a million pieces or so leaving shards of broken glass all over the floor ready to slice my bare feet open. I made it out with only one hefty gash on the TOP of my foot somehow. The point is i was in love with something that cost me two hundred dollars, I owned it for about two weeks, then it broke and attacked me. It was my favorite bong ever.

  • dave

    my favourite bong is my first ever bong, an acrylic purple/blue carb based one from edit, that thing was awesome, it stood the test of time until one day my friend drove over it rofl. dont ask how.

  • chak'

    My favorite and only bong I’ve ever had is the weed star’s black jack which I bought here at EDIT, unfortunately, with a messy state of mind I accidentally tripped it over, the downpipe broke. Today I ordered a new bong from EDIT, although I wouldn’t mind having a RooR bong either.

  • jason (nordelen)

    I have a mini molino glass bong at the mo, which is hitting the spot nicely. Before this the only experiences i’ve had bong wise were acrylics, which i find really harsh.
    This one time, at band practice, my mates made a bong/hookah thing out of one of those big water cooler bottles and some plastic tubes. needless to say we were wasted all weekend!

  • mummy merkin

    oh baby ! that looks like i could fit my chops around that and smokka myself retarded . gimmie it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • R.T.

    My favorite is the Weedstar 7mm Colour Perc I love it but it broke like a week ago. Thank you so much for this giveaway you guys are very generous thank you so much once again.

  • Keenan

    My favorite bong that I hit was a bio hazard percolated green 20 inch green beaker. It made a beautiful clean hit. But my favorite bong is the Roor Anniversary from Germany. I have only been able to see it on the internet but it made a big impression.

  • Aaron

    My all time favorite bong is roor little sista 7mm…..sooo smooth I never wanna stop ripping it! <3 that green labeled beauty

  • Huw Smith

    my personal favourite is the 2000ml EHLE range

    the size of a freakin drainpipe……..beyond awesome

  • brinsleyy

    ooooo i want that rasta roor bong hehe, Never toked from a roor but i always here good things.

    My favourite bong was a home-made bong that me and a few friends’ spent alot of time on. We named it basil brush for some reason haha

  • all time favourite would be EHLE 250ml sandblasted logo, because its what i own, if i win this, i might have a new alltime favourite 🙂

  • Jeff

    My favorite bong of all time was my old Roor 250ml R.I.P

    Best glass ever

    Will replace even if i win

  • emily dee

    am i the only one who likes small bongs?

    Hurricane TDE250 White Topgrip / Golden Window (3 Jets)

    is my favorite

  • chunkford the monkford

    Its a dead tie between Barnstormer (my semi-homemade bong) and my friends Roor

  • Treath

    My favorite is was my first bong I’ve ever had: 9″ simple glass bong.
    A ROOR would be extremely nice.

  • Xander

    my favorite bong i’ve ever hit was my illadelph with a coil condenser and ashcatcher. You could get a fatter rip out of it then anything i’ve ever tried. Had it for about 4 mounths and then a stupid drunk homie that i was chilln with accidently kicked it over and it was on cement.

  • Tony

    rasta lables are my favorite standard bong. it might have somethin to do with the fact that i am rastafarian tho haha

    *Peace and Happiness*

  • MR.Gumz

    my favorite bong is the roor fairmaster! yellow being my favorite color on a piece and the fairmaster being about 2 feet its absolutley perfect!

  • Matt Haas

    my favorite bong is an illadelph that i used to have. I had it for about 2 years and was about a $500 bong. i loved it with all my heart until my friend, Turr threw it when he got shit housed one night at a party.

  • Btw it was named Sir Highsacc Newton, god I loved that bong but like all Bo ng stories it ended with a dumbass stoner like me breaking it

  • James Ferrigno

    My favorite bong of all time is the Mr.Black Killer bong. I first tried it just about two years ago and i was amazed, it always delivers a perfect hit. As soon as you feel the thick white smoke begin to fill yours lungs you release the carb and get a big smooth cloud of heaven. goes excellent with the six shooter bong attach.

  • Donthepoolboy

    Rasta Green Glass Illadelph. I realize every moron with an illadelph somehow thinks its a rasta illadelph, but make no mistake, this was the actual version. Almost as tight as this bong would be after the custom ashcatcher and piece… 🙂

  • Will

    I bought the RooR Purity from my friends here at EDIT a little over a year ago, and its stunning! From the extra heighth, to the frosted logo, it screams classy. Elegant but professional. I never expected my bong to be a conversation starter. The joint broke off last summer so I decided that my roor is too special to throw away and I had a friend fix it up, looks and works as well as ever.

  • Alex

    I’m going to say Roor Custom Dealers Cup 5.0 – Lion of Judah is my favorite. I love the beaker bottom and it just looks badass!

    I need this roor please!!

  • Andrew Koveleskie

    Roor bongs are amazing. Too expensive. There like works of art that you just don’t ever want to touch.

  • Brian S

    i have a roor zumo( the bastard) and a 7mm little sis, and i will say the zumo is silly and i only use it once a week or so, but the little sis i use every day, i love this thing!

  • Kyle Brone

    I’d have to say any roor is my favorite bong of all time. Roor in general is the best. There’s just something magical about them. You could take a roor and any other bong and do a blind-fold smoke test, and I guarantee you’ll fall for the roor everytime. Roor is Love : )

  • Budz

    i have a straight tube bong its got neon coloured leaves from top to bottom going from green to yellow to orange. frosted glass.. my favourite bong ever

  • my favorite bong goes back to 1987, it was a 12 inch blue acrylic us water bong , had two sets of tubes in the front and back of the cylinder and had a oval shaped mouth peice kinda u shaped on the top. had a wooden pull off slide style bowl ,loved that little bugger,the plastic piece that held the bowl eventually melted and could no longer use it,shame i havnt seen any us waterpipes in a long time,but hey its not whats on the outside, but whats on the inside that counts…..right

  • Therese

    oOH, its been so long since I bought my last bong, I cant remember what its called, but I use to call it Space Monkey! So Space Monkey it is! 😀

  • Stephan

    My best pipe and the one i enjoy smoking the most has to be my Black Leaf glass, with a handle kinda thing and rubber bottom, because its so neat to clean.

    But this RooR looks even better!

    One Love! (Not when it comes to smoking equipment ^^)

  • Jack Dnn

    Well my favoret bong would be any bong. I am right no useing a coke can and tinfoil for my bottle. I havent got any money to buy a bong so any bong is great. running low on tinfoil too 🙁

  • TheGabe

    My favourite bong has to be the Purple Beauty, which is just a cheap acrylic bong bought at a local hippie shop, but damn if it isn’t the best smoking bong I’ve ever had 🙂

  • Joel

    My favourite bong is that Tube that they entered in the recent CCup, the howard marks black and white one. Just the best tube ever. I know you guys feel the same way…you lot got to see it in person. Lucky buggers.

  • Justin Tremayne

    Hey EDIT! Justin Tremayne here from Vancouver BC and my favorite bong is the ROOR Custom Little Sista Editor’s Special. That is one SLICK bong. But i’d take a free rasta roor bong anyday!

    If anyone reading this hasn’t seen it you should check it out it has amazing gold gilding and sandblasted detailing.

  • Smokey Bones

    I would have to say my favorite bong has got to be my friends quad perc, 36 inch, straight shot HVY. I do love ROORs though!

  • Ryan

    My first bong was a ROOR given to me by my brother on Christmas but sadley i blacked out and dropped it on my concrete floor. I have been makeing home-made shit ever since but its just not the same.

  • Danny

    My favorite is definitely the “Roor Bong Custom Little Sista 7mm – Editor Special”
    It’s just amazing.

  • Keenan

    My favorite bong that I hit was a bio hazard percolated green 20 inch green beaker. It made a beautiful clean hit. But my favorite bong is the Roor Anniversary from Germany. I have only been able to see it on the internet but it made a big impression.

  • beau

    Every time this chick named ashley came over to smoke with me and my buddys late night she ended up smoking my pole as well. Therefore, my favorite bong is clearly that one… and I obviously named it ashley. its an old but well taken care of 21 inch mostly clear and green bong.
    true story

  • Drew

    I don’t know the exact RooR, but it was the sweetest and smoothest rip I’ve ever taken. Ahhh RooRs.


    Hey Man My Favorite Bong Is The Roor 500 That You Peoples Are Willing To Give away^^
    I wish All You People Luck…

  • Niko

    I have to say the best bong in the world is the ROOR, personally the 420 has made my eyes cross many, many times…

  • josh

    my fav bong was the purple pumpkin! because the bubble was the size of my head and it also held about a litre of water making it very smooth. but if it gets spilled, your in trouble!

  • Bleu

    I have a 28′ AMG for me and some homies…double chamber with triple palm tree perks…yay me.
    that roor sounds like a beautiful thing for free!

  • Tony

    One of my favorites is one I smoked while at my friend’s cousins house…
    I don’t know the specifics but I remember it was a RooR with a green label

  • sanseven

    Roor Dealers cup with a German Roor Diffuser,Carbon filter, and inline A/C by far my favorite tube

  • Jeremiah Pasquale



    My favourite is that little plastic one with the alien face though.

    I fucking bet i win. I always win.

  • kai


    my favourite bong is the mutz nutz – slimer.
    I don’t use it that often for bongs i prefer to do shoties and i think my mates will agree that the mutz nutz bong is a sweet ass bong.

  • Andy O

    I had a mad scientist that I loved it was by far the favorite of the all the bongs I’ve ever had!

  • Holden Caulfield

    my bestest bong is def when i smoke out of my gal’s poontang.

    yeh, i smoke that up booyyyy!

  • Michael H

    I love ROOR’s. Nothing beats them. And Michael Phelps smoked out of one.

    I can only imagine the conversation leading up to him smoking out of it and that famous photo being taken:

    “Phelps, you gotta smoke out of this. It’s the best water pipe ever and it’s made in Germany.”


  • Matt the chap

    My favourite is the classic Oasis summer fruits bottle bong … nice wide head, perfect for inserting ice … although one tends to inhale rather a large amount of fumes from the makeshift biro piece jammed into the side, this delectable classic is a sure-fire winner for the cheap smoker with below-par construction skills. Highly recommended x

  • Ryan

    My RooR custom little sista – Jammy Dodger. Took me a while to save up for it but it was worth it

  • Mike

    gotta give props to the mega zong…standing three feet high with a basketball sized bottom and a big green z inline-esque perc, takes 5-6 pulls to clear it once it’s chalked

  • Doug

    I love my 7 mm 2.5 foot tall roor, no percs cause they’re not my style, named her big ronda (That 70’s Show reference)

  • nmitsthefish

    i never owned a bong =( thats why i deserve to win this one!!

    but a friend of mine had a really nice glass bong i just dont know who made it

  • Raytracer

    My fav is one i made from a coke bottle, cant beat the classic DIY. maybe i should update

  • Marco

    my eyes loves Festival Bong – Large Summer

    But if i need to choose to enjoy my luns to i will choice a Roor Custom Dealers Cup 5.0 – Lion of Judah

  • Andre

    I just have one bong that I made with a Absint bottle and a cooper tube.
    I Realy want to have a real good bong !

  • Zeh

    The only bong I have access to is a homemade one. Not much options where I live.

    I’m dying to try the Rasta RooR Bong 500, seems really awesome.

  • Ben Schaerer

    Roor Custom Dealers Cup 5.0 – Lion of Judah, as it has a rasta feel with may nice details. But now the rasta range are out im realy starting to love the simplicity and full rasta effect.

    For now still the Roor Custom Dealers Cup 5.0 – Lion of Judah

  • Chris

    My favorite bong is my hurricane that i actually bought off this site a few years back the fire&water 6 jet (hits like amonster)

  • RooR Icemaster 5.0 (with Ashcatcher and Diffusors of course!) Best setup for taking massive smooth milkshots and thats what its all about!

  • Alex

    My favorite bong was a Roor fairmaster I used at my cuz’s house when I last visited him. It was so smooth and gave rockin tokes. I’d love to get my hands on this roor. thanks for the chance

  • Christian

    my all time favorite water filtration system is the z0ng toy co. 20″ triple kinked zong with z shaped diffusing perculator. (mine rips soo smooth)

  • Jacques

    my favourite bong, is my black leaf ice master bubble bong
    not the best, most expensive or fanciest or anything like that
    i just like it cause its mine =]

  • Miles Honey

    chronicaster guitar bong

    saw it on youtube and even though it looks like it hits rubbish just the sheer novelty factor and its uniqueness has left me wanting it ever since

  • Eric

    Wow, I didn’t think you’d be giving away a second Roor.
    My favorite that I’ve used is an apparently rare designed Zong, big beautiful hits out of that beast.
    My favorite future bong would be the Roor Zumo, I believe it’s called Black Bastard.

  • Eric

    I would like to correct myself, as it is just The Bastard, black label. Not “The Black Bastard”, as this may be offensive.

  • Kim Segervall

    The weedstar – big moma is my alltime favourite.

    but then again i never tryed a roor rasta out 🙂

  • Trey Arno

    Phire single percolator beaker bottom, with two roor diffusers a roor ashcatcher….also with ice notches 🙂

  • nizar

    I think that bongs purchased off edit are the best!!! haha, but im lovin smokin outta my weedstar 5mm double perc right now!!!

  • kurtis

    i never smoked out of a roor bong but i somked out of a steam roller and a glassblunt and 1000s of glass pipes

  • evan

    Jerome Baker with fancy worked marbles. When I first started smoking I thought they were the coolest pipes ever.

  • Nathan

    By far the sickest and my favorite of all time IMO is the the Phantasm. With the leaf and the ruby red color, it’s just too sick, and come on it’s a steal for what you can get one for!

  • My favorite bong WAS the Roor Icemaster 7mm which i bought an ash catcher until a friend knocked it over w/ the ice catcher attached which broke the whole downstem area AND ash catcher rendering it useless..

  • ant

    haven’t smoked out of too many, but the Art Glass Ice Twist (affec: the twister) I got from EDIT is freakin sweet!

  • Matt aka pooh bear

    I don’t really have a preference, but I’d have to say illadelph, the freeze coil is pretty sweet

  • GreenLab

    i hope my post counts xD i realy want to win it……. and my favorit is still rasta roor beaker 18.8


    i say the one i like would have to be the ROOR BONG CUSTOM DEALERS CUP 5MM-WHITE LINES with the 5mm thick glass and the 18.8mm joint size,17.5cm diffuser and the 50mm diamertor with the white crown bowl and mouth piece,whithe ice noutches,white roor logo,and solid silver hemp leaf almost out of all of the roors i’ve seen and have that would be the best one i have used

  • Cory S

    I had this Phx 2 footer with a single perc. It hit like a beast and it had a badass frosted PHX logo on it. It was some nice glass thats for certain!

  • Shelby

    All-Time favorite would have to be 4mm RooR 18″ Beaker bottom, Ice pinches,, and “Pill Bottle” ash catcher (so I don’t have to clean piece after every use). Excellent everyday driver, and GREAT for medicating.

  • dazhhhhh

    well at least some one won who posted before 3rd july.
    well done billy the shoe,you can change your name now to