Smoking dried herbs through a vaporizer has become a very popular method among herb connoisseurs in recent years.  The benefits of using a vaporizer or vap rather than conventional smoking methods such as herbal cigarettes or bongs are well documented.  Vaporization is the process of heating the legal smoking herbs to a temperature just below that of combustion.  That means that your herbs are not set alight or burnt, so there is no smoke, no toxic carcinogens or particulates, just pure vapour containing the natural taste and goodness of your favourite herbal blends.

There are many different types of vaporizers on the market, and predictably, some are better than others. has a huge selection to choose from, featuring vaps in all shapes and sizes with prices to suit every pocket.

The Smart vaporizer is the latest portable vape to hit the shelves at EDIT, and it’s a great new addition to our range.  This discreet, compact vaporizer is ideal for enjoying the flavours of your favourite herbs while you’re out and about.  Featuring an astonishingly simple one-button operating system, the Smart is extremely easy to use: Fill the chamber with your chosen, ground-up herbs, rapidly click the silver button 5 times to switch the unit on – this prevents the vape from being switched on accidently in a pocket or by being sat on etc.  A further single click of the button during the heating process cycles through the Smart’s 3 temperature settings.  The LED temperature indicator will let you know when the Smart is ready to be used – red indicates 360F, green means the temperature is at 380F and at the maximum setting of 420F the light glows blue.  The adjustable temperature means the Smart is a very efficient piece of kit – you can vape all of the goodness from your herbs with almost zero wastage.  You’ll use much less plant matter in a vaporizer than you would with a conventional herbal cigarette.  The Smart’s advanced lithium battery is fully rechargeable and provides well over an hour’s continuous vapping from a single charge.

The Smart is also an extremely lightweight vap, so it can easily be slipped into a pocket or handbag when not in use.

Each Smart vaporizer from Rad comes as a complete kit and includes 5 spare rubber mouthpieces, 5 spare gauzes, a cleaning brush, instruction manual and a USB charger.  The whole thing is neatly packed in a sleek presentation box which would make an ideal gift.

Available today in classic black or wine red with our famous price match guarantee at an unbeatable £89.95.

Our enormous, full range of vaporizers and vapping accessories can be found here.  All the biggest name brands at the best prices available anywhere – guaranteed.

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