Question:  How many lightbulbs have been changed in jokes since 1945?

Answers on a trailing plane banner flying past the window to my left at precisely 3:04pm, Sunday, 15th February, 2009.


Last Question: How many roads must a man walk down before you call him a man?

Answer: “An accurate answer depends entirely on how long the roads are, what events might occur upon such roads, and of whom the question is being asked. The third factor is of primary importance, for we could spend many hours calculating road length and dividing it by the occuring events upon each road, multiplied by how quickly the road will be walked down, only for the person of whom the question is being asked to blurt out a declaration of the subject’s manliness after only a few steps.”

– Submitted by Professor R.T. Wakefield PhD, LLD, MSocSc, MBA, BSc, PGD, DCL (Hon), University of Mymagination, Wisconsin, USA

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