Pure Glass Percolator Bongs

Welcome to the revolution! Pure Glass Percolator Bongs are here and we have it all from Single Dome Percs to Single Tree Percs, Double Tree Percs and even Triple Tree Percs! We’ve got beakers and straight tubes in all sorts of unique designs and colours.

Pure Glass Percolator Bongs are magnificent examples of the expert craft of making superior percolated bongs, often shied away from by other glass manufacturers due to the intricacy of the work involved and the perceived fragility of the finished product.

Pure Glass are now leading the way with an exemplary selection of high quality glassware featuring smoke-smoothing percolators.

Look out for a competition on this very blog tomorrow for your chance to win one of the brand new Pure Glass Percolator Bongs!

Pure Glass Percolator Bongs

Current Range of Percolated Pure Glass Bongs:

  • Pure Glass Percolator Bongs – 1-Tree Straight – Jet Black
  • Pure Glass Percolator Bongs – 1-Tree Beaker – Blue
  • Pure Glass Percolator Bongs – 1-Tree Beaker – Frosted Black
  • Pure Glass Percolator Bongs – Single Dome Beaker – Clear
  • Pure Glass Percolator Bongs – 2-Tree Straight – Clear
  • Pure Glass Percolator Bongs – 2-Tree Straight – Jet Black
  • Pure Glass Percolator Bongs – 2-Tree Beaker – Jet Black
  • Pure Glass Percolator Bongs – 3-Tree Straight – Clear
  • Pure Glass Percolator Bongs – 3-Tree Beaker – Frosted White


  • Nick

    Pretty nice EDIT, but these are way above the prices I was expecting. In the US you can pick these exact same tubes up in head shops everywhere and online for an average $250 / £150 so I don’t think many americans will be rushing to pay almost double the price + shipping.

    I know you have to cover your costs too so I guess thats the way it is.

  • oraca

    lol @ the price…ridiculous

    EDIT: There’s one being given away today at everybody’s favourite price: FREE!

  • Zoads

    That’s true Nick ive looked at these at several local shops, but it’s kinda nice to see that some of our high quality products( made in USA) might be hot item in the UK and Europe at least those our my thoughts lol Also if theres a give away heck i’ll enter!

  • KottonMush

    holy shizzlefucks, very nice, outta my price range but very nice indeed, need anyone to ‘test’ the new products dude just to make sure its up to standards ofcourse? 😀 any one will do..

    are there gonna be any straights without percs?

  • KottonMush

    i don’t mind percs but i prefer the simple straights, i.e roors icemaster, fairmaster.. and such

    so simple yet gives amazing hits everytime

  • sneal

    Hi guys Shaman here, many thanks for your comments. We’ll have a look into pricing and see what we can do. Looks like we may have to take a hit on it to make it more competitive as when you look at the construction on the bongs it is seriously good quality, as good as anything out there, so we really want to carry a lot more Pure.

  • well if u want to sell u better get some better shit then that. at my local shop they have a double dome perc fully worked with shower head slits in a mini beaker thats all clear for a cold 200$ so thats way better then anything u guys have no offense and half the cost

  • Nick

    Don’t forget EDIT that these are not worked perc’s, they are cheap imported Chinese perc’s that cost them pennies. Pure Glass is basically the US version of Weed Star, cheap alternatives to the likes of RooR, Toro and Illadelph etc. Thats why no one was expecting these high prices. I’ve heard many stories of Pure beakers actually falling apart when cleaning and various other problems with weak construction.

    I’m not saying that these are not smooth hitters and they would fit in any collection, but don’t over do their rep.

  • cromwell

    Nick just out of interest do you own any weed star glass? i heard all these stories of shoddy workmanship etc before i got my 7mm messias and love it. have bashed it loads of times cleaning etc. I have many other expensive pieces and the messias is just as sturdy.

    Also, i have seen pics of toro and illadelph online etc but never found any to buy. Have i not been looking hard enough??

  • roorless whore

    Nick, you are wrong. PURE glass is no where close to as cheaply made as WS. PURE is closest to EHLE and is made of good quality glass. It is not roor, I will admit

  • Admin1

    I have to say, having handled both Weed Star and Pure Glass, that the Pure Glass is definitely superior.

    The WS Series do give them a run for their money, but I would say they are much closer to Ehle than Weed Star – certainly the cheaper Weed Stars that aren’t part of the WS Series.

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