Pure Glass Percolator Bongs

We have a tie-breaker after all to decide the winner of the Single Dome Percolator Bong from Pure Glass. By my reckoning we have seven people who have numbered the amount of percs in the video correctly. So I have one Pure Glass bong, four t-shirts and two random bogey prizes to sort out (if I missed you guessing correctly then just let me know on this page and I’ll check your original post again).

Without further ado, the number of percs that appear in the video according to the instructions, is 46. There is a detailed analysis of how I came about that number at the bottom of this post. Those who got the right number are:

1.       Architect

2.       GUCHI

3.       KuzhKlown

4.       James

5.       Dr. Bengele

6.       ski1st

7.       Phil

Before deciding who gets which prize, I’d like all seven tie-breaker entrants to let me know (via posting on this page) whether they definitely want to try and win the bong, or are happy to take a Pure Glass t-shirt (L and XL only) or extra bogey prize. I’m sure we can work out something nice enough for the extra bogey prizes if any of the Magnificent Seven want to stand aside in the battle for the bong.

I will likely do some kind of random draw to decide which prizes go where, so if anybody has a genius idea for a better way of deciding then let me know. Only genius ideas though.

Pure Glass Single Dome Percolator Bong Giveaway prize

Pure Glass Bongs T-Shirt


SuperSharpShooter Phase:

·         5 percs maximum are wholly visible from the opening Up & Down bongs sequence (the instructions stated to only count these ones once – see #5).

·         Another 7 percs appear up to the end of the Up & Down bongs sequence (3 x individual close-ups + 4 from the three dancing beaker bongs).

·         5 percs from the three dancing straight bongs.

·         5 percs from the two straight bongs that smash together in the middle of the screen.

Umbabarauma Phase:

·         3 percs only count from the 3-tree straight that goes up, then down, then across left to right at the beginning of the rock tune that takes over the soundtrack. This one appears three times in a row without another bong appearing in between, so it still only counts as three percs, not nine (as stated in the Instructions – see #3).

·         1 from the Single Dome Perc that slides up and zooms toward the camera.

·         7 percs flash on screen during the um, dois, tres, quat vocal count in (1,2,3,1).

·         3 percs from the frosted white 3-tree beaker bong. The perc close-up does not count as it is the same bong without another appearing in between (see Instructions #3).

·         1 perc from the pink 1-tree straight bong. The perc close-ups (including the morph) do not count as they are the same bong without another appearing in between – see Instructions #3.

Ice-Notch Spinning/Moving Camera Scenes:

·         2 percs from the frosted black 2-tree beaker bong.

·         1 perc from the pink 1-tree straight bong (other bongs have appeared since it last did).

·         1 perc from the blue 1-tree beaker bong.

·         3 percs from the super-fast frosted black 3-tree beaker bong.

·         2 percs from the super-fast frosted white 2-tree straight bong.



1.       Every single perc that is fully visible on screen counts (in close-up or full bong shot), so if you spot any triple perc’d bongs then that counts as three.

2.       If you see a bit of a perc, then it doesn’t count – whole percs only.

3.       If the same bong appears in quick succession (i.e. without another different bong appearing inbetween), then you need only count its percs once.

4.       If more than one bong appears on screen, then you must count all of their percs.

5.       The bongs at the beginning (moving up and down) need only be counted once.






  • architect

    hell yeah!

    congrats everyone (nice one dr b mate)
    to be honest if the bong wasn’t as sexy and percolated I would happily stand aside, however it’s too slick a piece of kit to turn down a 1 in 7 chance, so I’m gonna stick around for a stab at the main prize cheers

    my suggestion for working out who gets what: work out the bogey prizes and line the 7 prizes up, have the names of the winners on identical bits of card, turn them upside-down and mix them up thoroughly, then put a bit of card in front of each prize and turn them over one by one, the bong last, so the anticipation builds as you wait for your name to come up

    btw, if I end up with a tshirt can I say now I’d need an XL please, though fingers crossed I’d rather have a sexy bong!

  • Dr. Bengele

    Of course i got to have a go on the glassware :D, need a new bong really bad 😛

    I got an idea for a “draw”, write the numbers on a few paper cups (3 cups per number), then.. beer pong.. the one that it it hits first gets the bong (of course are the numbers at the bottom of the cups and they are randomly arranged..

    Kind Regards,
    Dr. Bengele

  • KuzhKlown

    WOW..really..A TIE??? 7 WAY?? WOW..more girls than i been with last yr…DAMM!!! SORRY but THIS STONER will be staying around SMOKING OUT EVERYONE 2 have that Pretty Perced Pure BONG..I can’t SMOKE out of a T-Shirt?? I’m down 4 the BONG……..I think BiGest StOnEr should win,or just COMPLETELY RANDOM DRAWING??
    Thankz EDIT, 1 Luv
    Kuzh Klown

  • phil

    Zoads i never entered this time lol i’m still chuffed with getting the Weed Star Precooler .
    To Admin do you know when you’ll be sending it.
    and congrats to all the winners 🙂

    Zoads hoping you do get lucky one of these days.

  • Zoads

    Oh i thought i saw your name on the list phil i guess there’s another Phil out there. oh i was rootin for anyway lol

  • Admin1

    I’m just waiting for the last three tie-breakers to get in touch with me. I’ve emailed them so we should have some movement on this tomorrow.

  • james

    I would really like to have a go at the grand prize because I don’t have a bong, however I know my luck isn’t the greatest and I’ve been saving up to buy a roor little sista for a wile now. I would be willing to drop out if i could get a deal on a roor 18.8 diffuser and carbon filter. sorry it took so long to respond


    umm sorry guys but i’m in this for the water pipe. This is my first contest I’ve entered in and I’m super stoked that I made it this far. and for the picking of who gets it, I think just a random drawing is fine.

  • 420yoker

    Odd they didnt do this for previous orders (members) only guess they are tring to make more people look around their website. Grats to the winner

  • Phil

    Sick and congrats to everyone. I like architect’s idea on how to decide. I would also like to compete for the bong.

  • Admin1

    Cool, that’s everyone. I shall give it the architect treatment today and get a short video posted. I’ll try and add a bit of jazz in there as well. I don’t know what that means.

  • architect

    quoth admin “I’ll try and add a bit of jazz in there as well. I don’t know what that means.”

    it means you’ll set the video to herbie hancock’s ‘watermelon man’

    dooo eeet

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